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Text: Isaiah 10:27

So many of us are still under yoke and in need of liberation. Many among us are merely enduring life instead of enjoying life.

Today’s message is the one of giving hope and total liberation. God’s word today assures us that the time has come for the yoke on our necks and the burden on our shoulders to be broken (Isaiah 10:27).

What is Anointing?
Anointing is the visitation of God in a strong and mysterious way that leads to the outflow of the Holy aspirit which passes through in the human vessel. It is also a supernatural power for supernatural assignment. When anointing is at work, it is important to know that it is God who is at work not the man; God in the flesh doing what ordinarily man cannot do. It is the divine power of the most high God that makes what is impossible to be possible.

In 1 Kings 18:46, anointing came upon Elijah and he outran the chariots of king Ahab. Anointing gives us power to witness for God (Acts 1:5-8). Anointing can sometimes be seen as the cloud of glory.

Types of Anointing

1. Apostolic anointing
2. Soul winning
3. Aninting for teaching and preaching
4.Pastoral anointing
5. Anointing for revival
6. Anointing for creativity (Exod 31:1-11).

What is Yoke?

From the spiritual perspective, a yoke is a power that hinders a person from making progress, both physically and spiritually. It is by the power of anointing upon our lives that yokes are broken (Isaiah. 10:27). Anointing changes situation and makes a whole lot of difference.

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We have been called to the mission of evangelization and breaking yokes. In order to fulfil the mission of God for our lives we need the anointing of God (Lk 4:18-19).