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Be a blessing to others [Esther 5]

Focus: Teaching members how to render selfless service to others without pride.

The book of Esther was written by a Hebrew man named mordecai.
The plot to destroy all the Jews in suza started when mordecai refused to bow before Haman, who was king’s head servant ( prime minister)
Mordecai did this on the account of his belief and faith in his religion. Before this enemity came up, providence had made an orphan named Esther a queen to the king. Haman, being prime minister, sought the destruction of all jews in suza through the king. And it was granted. As a sequel to this development, mordecai pressed Esther to appeal to the king on their behalf. But based on the existing rules in land, no one, including the queen, meets the king unless by an invitation. As a result of this development, queen Esther entered into 3 days fasting and prayers.

2 The story
Esther 5

Memory verse
Esther 5:2
And it was so when the king saw Esther the queen standing in the court that she obtained favor in his sight: and the king held out to Esther the golden scepter that was in his hand. So Esther drew near and touched the top of the scepter

Keywords : using some characters captured in Esther 5 as keywords.

The king: Ahasuerus the king played a role of being used by Providence in saving the Jews in suza. He stamped the death warrant upon all the Jews ,but latter on the influence God decreed freedom upon them again.


Mordecai: A jew and an uncle to Esther, a very religious man. He saved the king from the death plot. King latter rewarded him for his kindness: he was a blessing to the king.

Haman: One of the king’s prime ministers, a very influential one indeed. An archenemy to Mordecai and his people. The very trap he set for mordecai killed him.

Esther: A Providence child, an orphan that rose and became a queen in suza. A devoted, wise and prayerful woman. She was a blessing to the Jews in suza

3 The message.
The message is centered on involving God and taking risks for Him. No one can shine in any mission outside Gods grace (Eph. 2:10, Isaiah 60:19)

For any task, small or big, involve God.
Esther involved God and shined effortlessly.
The world authorities bowed in Acts 16:25-26 when Paul and Silas involved Him. In Daniel 3 shadrach, meshach, and Abednego rattled, Nebuchadnezzar and the entire Babylonians and got them confused. In 1samuel 17:50, the boy David (17 years) destroyed the giant Goliath and freed the Israelites because he involved God.

4 lessons / benefits

1 Boldness (Esther 5:1) Esther’s bold approach to the king was inspired by Providence as a result of prayers and fasting she did. When you soak yourself in His presence, the love emanating will inspire you to work and suffer for Him.

2 Resolution:
Resolutions that have difficulties and dangerous to break should be pursued without delay, or else they get cold and slack. What has happened to our New Year’s resolutions, prayer life resolutions, morning cry resolutions, bus evangelism resolutions, etc. Swing into action while you’re still enjoying God’s presence.


3 Dressing well and smart. The first approach matters. It recommends you to the person (s) you are meeting. Esther 5:1 ‘Esther put on her royal apparel and stood in the inner court of the king’s house ‘

4 In union with God (Esther 5:2) The favorable reception Esther got, which she never thought of was as a result of Gods anointing she was carrying. For God says, “I will speak for you ..”Exodus 4:12, Mathew 10:20

5 Self denial
Esther gave all when she said, “If I should die, let me die,” He that should lose his life for God shall save it, or find it in a better life ( Mathew 10:39,16:25) examples …
.David, Jesus, our savior, Stephen and Esther exhibited such.

6 God can turn the hearts of men, of great men (powerful bad ones) in ways He pleases towards us. Due to the standing rule, at that moment that Esther reached court , she was guilty of death. But God turned the heart of the king to favor her.

7 Wisdom (Esther 5:4,5) She delayed her main request, but kept on watering the ground for 2 days. She kept on surprising the king and Haman with parties. Maybe at the interim praying that God grant her favour to the main request.

8 Patience
Esther 5:7,8]
She was patient with her main request, because what is hastily asked is often hastily denied but what is asked with a pause deserve to be considered.

9 Devotion: when you feel God, recognize Him, put Him first in what ever you do, He will surely take control of emanating circumstances. Esther was althrough devoted.
In Gen. 30:2 when Jacob honored God, He removed his afflictions in Ge n 30:22

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5 Conclusion
When you intend well for others, do good things for people, denial yourself for others: you are doing God’s work. St Paul made us to understand that, there is God in us ( colossians 1:27)
Good deeds attracts the presence of God (psalm 11:7). So sacrifice for others for God will surely be with you anytime you are in need.