Life in the Spirit Seminar


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13TH CCRN NATIONAL CONFERENCE AT UBULUKWU, DELTA STATE, NIGERIA #1st_MESSAGE The Reality of Heaven and Hell (Matt. 25:31-41; Luke 16:22-23) Speaker: Bro Gabriel Akor #2nd_MESSAGE: By This Time Tomorrow (2 Kings 7:1; 4:16) Speaker: Rev. Fr. Alfred Agbonlahor #3rd_MESSAGE: The Effect of What You Eat on Your Health (Jn 6:53-54) Speaker: Bro (Prof.) Ignatius Oniwamo Read More

Biblical Brotherhood and Sisterhood

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Who is a brother and a sister? The third definition from Merriam Webster Dictionary defines a sister as a girl or woman who is a member of a Christian church. And a brother as a male member of a religious group. Brother and sisters are closely related by blood from the same biological parents. They share the same biological traits/genes which distinguish them from other families. Read More

Go And Bear Fruits – Reflection On 2017 Commissioning Service.

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God has created each of us for a purpose. We exist for a reason and this purpose culminates in knowing and serving God, in righteousness and with all our gift. In John 15:16, Jesus revealed to His disciples while He chose them when He said, ‘You did not choose me but I chose you, that Read More

2017 Life In Spirit Seminar Quiz.

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Question 1. In which of these seminars was the love and care of the Father Almighty revealed to the participants. A). Seminar 1 B). Seminar 2 C). Seminar 3 Question 2. The story of Zacchaeus was read in order to butress the principal message of one of these seminars: A). Seminar 1. B). Seminar 2. C). Read More

Go And Preach – Reflection On Mark 16:14-20

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As a Christian, my first primary assignment is soul winning: being committed to evangelization, which culminates in saving of souls and making disciples of Jesus Christ. This is clearly stated in Mark 16:15 “Go throughout the world and preach the gospel to the whole human race” The Apostles and early disciples were obedient to this Read More

Growing And Bearing Fruits – Reflection On Luke 8:5-15.

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God’s word comes to us to give us life, to direct us, and to enable us to bear the peaceable fruits of righteousness. The LORD has chosen each one of us in Christ and has commissioned us to be His Ambassadors in the present world. As Christ said, ‘you are the light of the world, Read More

How Can I Bear Witness For Christ?

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To witness is to preach and live out the full message of the gospel of Jesus Christ. The message is that there is forgiveness of sin unto those who turn away from their sin and believed in the salvific work of Jesus Christ. These men are then called to live their life henceforth in union Read More

You Then Are The Body Of Christ.

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A Christian life is not lived alone. It is a life lived together with other believers in joy and true love. Indeed, the first fruit of the Holy Spirit is the formation of a community – the community of believers which is the Church (Acts 11:26). As revealed in Acts 2:41-47, the early disciples lived Read More

Now You Have Received The Holy Spirit.

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We have received the Holy Spirit of God, who has come to live and walk with us. The next step is to prepare our lives so that He remains alive and active in us. First, Sin must no longer rule in our mortal bodies. We should not follow the desires of our natural selves nor Read More

The Gifts And Manifestation Of The Holy Spirit.

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The Holy Spirit comes with His gifts to impact the life of a baptised Christian. He comes to dwell in us and enable us to live and participate in the divine nature of God. This is real and an awesome work of Jesus Christ. Romans 8 verse 14 says that as many as are led Read More