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Jesus came to establish the kingdom of his father on earth, this was deeply born out of love. When He came to save us, we were not ready, but He saved us by his grace.

Jesus never needed our consent to die for us. By that death He became the Lord and master of the Universe (Cf. Phil. 2).

So many people claim lordship, even in the kingdom of darkness. But the truth remains that Jesus is the only Lord. It will interest you know that Jesus cannot impose His Lordship on us. Even though He gave us grace without our consent and died for us without our consent, He cannot be our Lord without our consent, hence this topic.

The word “Lord” is from the latin word “domino” translated in English as dominion. Therefore, making Jesus my Lord means giving Him dominion over my life, my thought, my emotions, my character, my temperament, my successes and failure. That is, giving him the driver’s seat of my life.

(Rom. 10: 9-10)

Though baptised as infants, now we are grown up, we must deliberately ask Jesus to be the Lord of our lives. This simple act makes a whole world of difference. It takes believing it in your heart and confessing Jesus as your Lord. But does this confession automatically translate to a permanent relationship? No. Just like every relationship, it requires a conducive environment to thrive. For a lasting relatiinship with Jesus, four (4) steps are necessary.

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It is easy to detect the Lord over a persons life by looking at the fruits in that person’s life.

The following must be maintained to achieve a lasting relationship with Jesus.

1. Communication:
How do we achieve this?

a. By being desciples of the word of God. The word is the means by which He speaks to us. That thing that makes you too busy to study the word will destroy you if not addressed.

b. Prayer – Prayer should be our habits, a lifestyle.

2. Faithfulness:
Jesus gave us everything without making any demand. All He asks is that we love Him back. We can show Him that we love Him by keeping His commandment (John 14:15).

Keeping the word of God in this world has an element of shame as you will be the odd man out (Cf. Heb 13:13). But this is the only way to prove to Jeaus that we love Him. Without being faithful to the word of God, you can never maintain this relationship. You must be ready to resist sin even to the point of shedding blood.

3. Trust
Any relationship that has no trust is dead on arrival. The way Jesus treats His friends is sometimes perceived to be rough and bereft of any iota of pamper. Hence, if you dont trust Him enough, we may not be able to follow Him in the relationship. The world will suffer us on his account (Cf. John 16:33). But we must trust Him enough to follow Him still.

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4. Celebrate the relationship:
For us christians, everyday is celebtation. What then do we celebrate? We celebrate;

a. The relationship with Jesus. This relationship is the greatest thing that can happen to any man. It is therefore worth celebrating. If you make it a point to announce Jesus to any man that cares to listen, Jesus will in turn announce you before His Father (Cf. Mtt 10:32), and before the Angels (Cf. Lk 12:8).

When Jesus announces you before the Father, the Father now takes special interest in you. When Jesus confesses you before the Angels, the implication is that the Angels will start obeying you.

Key for parents and guardians: Having Jesus is not transferable.

We struggle with certain sins because Jesus has not yet taken complete dominion over our lives. Our struggles for one particular sin do not excuse the consequences due to that sin (1 Jhn 3:8).

When Jesus becomes the Lord of our lives; when our relationship with Jesus blossoms, we will become victorious over so many things that held us captive. When Jesus becomes the Lord of our lives, He’ll make a disciple of us.