2022 Pentecost Quiz – No. 3

1 month ago Evangelical Ministry 21
Pentecost Quiz No. 3 In Luke 22:46, Jesus came to His Disciples and found them sleeping. He was not happy. He therefore said to them, “Why do you sleep? Rise and pray!” What reason did Jesus give for which they need to rise and pray? Read More

2022 Pentecost Quiz – No. 2

1 month ago Evangelical Ministry 23
Pentecost Quiz – No. 2 “Come to Me All You Who Labour and are Heavy Laden and I Will Give You Rest.” Where can we find this statement in the Scripture? Read More


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  Text: Matthew 11 v 28 Introduction The Bible text for today’s message began with an invitation “Come unto me”. This statement can also imply that you are far, hence, the invitation. It is worthwhile to note that Jesus was extending this invitation to all those who are overburdened. This invitation is addressed, not to Read More

If Only I Could Touch The Hem Of His Garment

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Only If I Could Touch The Hem Of His Garment Mk 5: 25-29 ‘If only I could touch the hem of his garment’ This was the prayer of a woman who has suffered severe bleeding for many years, she was cut off from the society, abandoned by her family and friends, she was lonely in Read More


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NEITHER DO I CONDEMN YOU (John 8:1-11) Introduction: From today’s gospel, we saw people who were much more concerned about law and legality rather than mercy, forgiveness and reconciliation. Human existence as was originally orchestrated was not meant to be centred on laws but love. But, the inability of human beings to exist in colony Read More


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Topic: Bridging the gap of Separation through Effective Evangelization Focus: Helping members to understand the role of Evangelizers in reconciling men back to God Introduction: Civil Engineers understood what a bridge is very well. When there is a gap in a land, may be as a result of erosion or topographic depression, an embankment or Read More

Two Members Finished Their Master’s Degree

4 months ago Evangelical Ministry 6
Congratulations to Two of Our Members who finished their Master’s Degree and had their convocation yesterday, Friday, 18th March, 2022 at Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka Congratulations, Bro Chibuike Nwafor (Our Welfare Committee Chairman) Congratulations, Bro Michael Anaekwe (Our Evangelical Ministry Coordinator) Wishing you more successes in your careers and education. Read More

Bruno Speaks on Poverty Menace; Gives Measures to Curtail It.

4 months ago Evangelical Ministry 1
Mr Bruno Ibekilo has raised alarm over the alarming rate of poverty, hunger and health insecurity in Nigeria. While speaking at St. Joseph Parish Unizik Tempsite Awka on Thursday, 17th March, 2022, the economic scholar noted that this poverty and hunger menace is invariably impacting in the  life expectancy in Nigeria which he said currently Read More


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Text: Matt. 24:4-14, 2 Tim.3:1-5 What is a Virus? English dictionary defines virus in various context, but the 3 most outstanding definitions that live with human being are as follows; 1. A viral disease in the body 2. A segment of self-replicating code planted illegally in a computer program, often to damage or shut down a system Read More