Lessons From The Three Principal Parables On Prayer.

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The acronym ‘PUSH’ which, in prayer circles, means ‘Pray Until Something Happens,’ is a popular adage credited to a famous Nigerian Priest, Reverend Fr. Ejike Mbaka. The saying is used to encourage God’s people to persevere in prayer as God never changes, and will always answer every petition raised to Him. This, also gives credence Read More

Control Your Tongue!

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It is very necessary for believers to watch over what they say. In our today’s world, where freedom of speech is upheld, everybody is clamoring to let his or her voice be heard.  While it is good to speak up and be heard, as Christians, we must be careful how we speak, and ensure that Read More

Standing As A True Witness (Bible Study).

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‘Go and make the disciples of all nation,’ was the command Jesus gave His disciples. It is part of what is called ‘Great Commission.’ Thereafter, the disciples being empowered by the Holy Spirit, went everywhere testifying that Jesus is the promised Messiah. This bible study,  therefore  is aimed at furthering this course among the believers as Read More

Acts 2:42 – Four Spiritual Exercises For Growing Christians.

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The number of Christians in this 21st Century, according to Wikipedia report, is approximately 2.4 billion representing 33.39% of the world population. According to a study by Pew Research Center, the figure is expected to grow by 749.7 million by 2050. This Christian faith, as we know, spread from twelve Apostles who were chosen by Read More

Prepare For The Lord’s Visit.

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When our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ resurrected, He did not hid Himself; but went about revealing Himself to some of His people. From Mary Magdalene to Peter, then to the twelve, to about five hundred people and to Paul. And all of these appearances were very wonderful and unforgettable experiences. Has his visit ended? Read More

Simple Ways To Witness At Workplace.

3 years ago Evangelical Ministry 3
The most important place to testify of the faith you have in Jesus Christ is at your workplace. This is where you meet and interact with more people in your life. It is your world and your pulpit. While you come to the ecclesia (church) to get strength and be rejuvenated, it is at your Read More

The Riches Of Christ Resurrection.

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Resurrection simply means coming back to life after one is dead. Christ resurrection is different from the other resurrection recorded in the history  – Lazarus (Jn 11:1-14), the widow of Nain’s son (Lk 7: 11- 16) and Jairus daughter (Mk 5; 21-42) as well as other similar incidences found in the scripture. While all these Read More

Why Did Jesus Die Shamefully On The Cross?

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The humiliation that Jesus Christ underwent during his passion and eventual death on the cross is really terrible. He was scourged, beaten, slapped, spit on, stripped, laughed at and use for jest! It was really demeaning. One has asked, ‘why didn’t he just get killed by sword, probably when He was praying at Gethsemane?’ or Read More

To Whom Shall We Go? (Outreach Track – 2)

3 years ago Evangelical Ministry 2
In every moment, in every crisis, whether material or spiritual, there is always one that we ought to go to, first. He is our Saviour. He is our redeemer. His name is Jesus Christ. When everybody was deserting Him, in John chapter 6:67-69, He turned to His Apostles and asked them, ‘Will you also go Read More

To Whom Shall We Go? (Outreach Track -1)

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Tragedies of Life On March 19, 2017, a young Nigerian medical doctor jumped off the Lagos Third Mainland Bridge into a Lagoon where he drowned! In the same month, the International Organisation on Migration disclosed that 128 migrants, comprising Nigerians and other West Africans, died while crossing Mediterranean Sea to Europe between March 6 and 26, Read More