Awka Diocesan CCRN Elects New Officers

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The Catholic Charismatic Renewal of Awka Diocese has new elected officers. In the election which was successfully held on Saturday, 13th July, 2019 (today), Bro Polycarp Okoyefi emerged the new Awka CCRN Diocesan Service Team Chairman while Bro Emmanuel Ugwuokwo was elected Secretary. Other officers that emerged during the election held at St Patrick’s Cathedral, Read More

God Has No Favourites (Seminar 3: Day 4)

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Read: Acts 10:34-43 If you are serious about growing your relationship with your Lord and Master Jesus Christ, then fear God and do what’s right before Him. It’s being said that human beings are the most stubborn of all the creation of God. Their Maker will say one thing and they will do another! Can Read More

Jesus Christ Is Lord All The Time (Seminar 3: Day 3)

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Read: Mark 2:23-28 You cannot give Jesus Monday and keep Tuesday for yourself. No! Jesus is the Lord of all times – “the time of my birth, the time of my dying and all the events in between.” Even on the Sabbath day, Jesus Christ is the Lord. The Sabbath was made to be a Read More

Is Jesus Christ Really Your Lord? (Seminar 3: Day 2)

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Read: Luke 6:46-49 We have grown and reached a stage in life when we must understand clearly every word we proclaim. It’s aberration and total confusion of life to say that Jesus is your Lord, yet you don’t do what He says. It is a mark of rebellion. The same that got Lucifer thrown of Read More

Humility Is The Path To Exaltation (Seminar 3: Day 1)

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Read: Philippians 2:6-11 We may all be shouting “Jesus is my Lord,” “Jesus is my Saviour,” and “Jesus is my Life,” while neglecting the path Jesus took to accomplish this great feat. Brothers and sisters, the “Lord” Jesus answers today was not handed over to Him on a platter of gold. 1. First, He stripped Read More

Life In The Spirit Seminar Quiz – No 7

2 months ago Evangelical Ministry 1
Can you still remember this memorial acclamation we proclaim during Eucharistic celebration. Kindly fill in the brank spaces.  Dying, you destroyed our ………………., Rising, you restored our …………………, Lord Jesus come in ………………………… A)   Sin, Hopes, Peace. B.)  Poverty, Wealth, Power. C.)  Death, Body, Again. D)   Death, Lives, Glory. Give your answer in Read More

Consider What Jesus Suffered For You (Seminar 2: Day 7)

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Read: Isaiah 52:13 – 53:12 Every reflection on the suffering of Jesus Christ ought to lead one to repentance. Truly, Jesus went through a lot of shame and disgrace in order to save us. Ponder on these words which Prophet Isaiah employed to portray what Jesus encountered: – Despised      – Man of Sorrows Read More

Life In The Spirit Seminar Quiz – No. 6

2 months ago Evangelical Ministry 3
Which of these statements properly completes the below biblical quote from the letter of Hebrews chapter 9:27‭-‬28. “And as it is appointed for men to die once, but after this the judgment, so Christ was offered once to ……………….. A) To condemn the world. B) To bear the sins of many. C) To reign with God Read More

Jesus Gives Life Even To The Dead (Seminar 2: Day 6)

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Read: John 11:12-27 Martha, the sister of dead Lazarus told Jesus she knew that anything He asked the Father, it will be done. What a faith! Though she didn’t think Lazarus will rise any soon, Jesus was in town to shock her! Lazarus was raised to life same day! Alleluia. Brethren, God can do the Read More