Introduction – Day 5

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Study Verse: Romans 8:1 Reflection The law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus is oriented towards saving us and not condemning us. Therefore it has in itself, elements that brings about salvation; which is its purpose.  Elements of mercy, peace of heart, contentment, love, righteousness, humility, continued conversion and transformation, kindness and so Read More

Introduction – Day 4

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Study Verse: Romans 12:1-2 Reflection The mercy of God is a divine instrument for sanctification. It is an endless overflowing ocean of cleansing, reconciliation and rejuvenation. By this mercy we can be made holy and sanctified. A sanctified life is that which the Lord can accept and use, after an indwelling process of the Helper Read More

Introduction – Day 3

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Study Verse: Proverbs 14:34 Reflection How does righteous exalt a nation? The force and power that brings about the exalting of a nation, people or person is in God. Righteousness creates a state of being dwell-able  by God. The moment he dwells there, the elements of his presence fuses into the place and stimulated growth. Read More

Introduction – Day 2

4 years ago Service Team 2
Study Verse: Isaiah 1:18 Reflection The Lord begins with a statement of hope. He tells me then, about his immense capacity to wipe away sins irrespective of the extent, dept or length of stay. Hence, we to return to the arms of this great God, to be washed and restored. As we begin this seminar, we Read More