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(Ezk 24:15-24; Mt 19:16-22)

At the beginning of this new working week, it would be right for us to emulate the courageous step taken by the rich young man in the Gospel passage above.

Oftentimes, we tend to be lazy or unwilling to make sincere efforts to make progress in our spiritual lives. Since it is often said that, the greatest room on earth, is the room for improvement, we must strive to extend such growth and improvement, also in our spiritual lives.

Fellow Pilgrims, from the encounter between Jesus and the rich young man in the Gospel passage above, we come to the realization that, it is not just enough to desire perfection, we must be willing to pay the price it requires.

When the young man approached Jesus, he inquired from the Lord what he needed to do in order to attain eternal life. However, upon being told that, he needed to sell what he possessed and then become a follower of Jesus, he abandoned the Lord’s invitation and went away sorrowfully.

Beloved in Christ, here was a man who had been able to keep all the commandments without failing and yet, he failed to pay the price demanded of him for the next level of perfection. Perhaps, in his wealth and affluence, the rich young man could not just imagine himself becoming a mere wanderer with Jesus through the towns and villages of Israel.

As we work and strive to attain eternal life, we are encouraged to do more than this rich young man, by not just desiring perfection, but being willing to pay the price it demands of us.

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