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Bible Reading Plan for Week 62 _(October 01 – 07, 2023)

8 months ago Evangelical Ministry 1
Praise God! Beloved, our 2-Year Bible Reading Plan is ongoing. Each day, we read at least 2 Chapters of the Bible. This week, we will finish the first letter of St. Paul to the Corinthians and enter the second letter to the Corinthians Here are chapters we will be reading for the next 7 days: Read More

Retaining Your Freedom From Evil Yokes and Burdens (Gal. 5)

8 months ago Evangelical Ministry 1
Today’s Bible Study Outline Theme: Retaining Your Freedom (Gal. 5) Focus : A Bible Study on How to Live Free from Evil Yokes and Burdens. A) INTRODUCTION (BACKGROUND) Before we enter into this study, it is good we understand the circumstances surrounding the scriptural text, so we can understand it better and find how it Read More

10 Secrets To Answered Prayers by Bro Emmanuel Moses

1 year ago Evangelical Ministry 1
Message Delivered During Tuesday, 11th April, 2023 BLCCRN Prayer Meeting Topic: Secrets to Answered Prayers _(Luke 11:1-5)_ Focus:- Understanding How to Pray Effectively and Get Answer Speaker: Bro Moses Emmanuel A] Introduction 1. Secrets:- something that is kept or meant to be kept unknown and unseen by others. 2. Answer:- a thing that is said, Read More

Destroying the Works of Enemy (Bible Study)

4 years ago Evangelical Ministry 0
Theme: Destroying the works of the enemy Matt 15:13 Focus: Taking away all things that will cause shame and non-productivity Introduction: Why do we need to destroy the works of the enemy? Matt 15:13 We need to destroy the works of the enemy because they do not allow man to attain his spiritual and economic Read More