Understanding Evil Yokes: Their Nature, Types & Negative Influences (Ex. 5:1-21)

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#THEME: Let My People Go! (Ex. 5:1-21)

#FOCUS: Explaining Different Kinds of Evil Yokes, Burdens and Limitations and How They Negatively Influence People’s Lives

#MINISTER: Bro. Nwafor Chukwubuikem

A] What is an Evil Yoke?

First, a yoke is just a piece of wood by which two animals are tied together to put a load.

An evil yoke is an influence or a hold on a person that limits his or her ability to advance in life.

When a man begins to see some ugly things in his life, he should sense a signal that something is wrong somewhere.

B] The Manifestations of the Yoke

1. Sin:

When a man cannot work with God or is easily attached to a particular thing that stands against the will of God.

2. The Yoke of sickness:

Not every sickness is normal. There are some that are caused by external forces. The woman of the issue of blood spent 12 years in this yoke.

3. Demonic Patterns:

A particular display of evil forces. It can come with barreness, failures, setbacks, near success syndrome, delays (marriage, promotion, achievement), when this things happen around you, just know that you are under a yoke

C] Mysteries of Yoke

1. Your speed, movement and direction is determined by the Yoke around your neck

2. Yoke brings about limitation. There are certain level you can’t cross.

3. It brings sorrow, pain, death etc.

4. If you don’t deal with the yoke, it will keep dealing with you. It doesn’t go by crying, negotiations. Yokes can only give way by order through genuine encounter with the Lord.


D] There Are Practices that Attracts Yoke upon a Man

There are Self attracted yoke and the one that comes from family background.

1] Sin:

Playing with sin is tantamount to playing with death. Sin opens doors to other jokes to come in. If you are living under any known or secret sin, please, flee!!.

2] Covenants:

One thing about yokes is that you can enter into it knowingly and unknowingly. Covenant is an agreement between two or more parties.

3] Curses:

This is evil pronunciation that comes as a result of sin or offense against someone.

4] Inheritance:

This could be a family trait that runs from one generation to another.

E] How Can This Yokes Be Handled?

Yokes are handled by encounter with the Lord. It is important to get the right knowledge to break the Yoke.

The anointing is the only catalyst that breaks yoke. Anointing is the presence of God upon a man. Before you cultivate his presence, you must have that encounter.

Psalm 102:13 says that the time to deliver you has come!

F] Ways to Deal With the Evil Yokes

1) Ask for God’s Spirit:

One of the ways of handling yokes and deal with it once and for all is to recognize that you can’t help yourself but needs the spirit of God to deal with it.

2] Surrender All To Jesus:

Another way is to surrender all to Jesus. It is not enough to say ‘I am a born again’. You must cast all your burden to Him.

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3] Repent From Every Sin!

Another way of detaching your self from the yokes is by repenting from every known sin.

4] Recognize the Kind of Yoke:

You must recognize the very yoke operating in your life. Make an inquiry about that yoke.

5] Be Uncomfortable About The Yoke:

Begin prayers of inquiry and get uncomfortable with situations around your life.

6] Engage In Battle!

We must engage in a battle. The only language the yoke understands is the language of battle. It is not only a defensive battle, but being on the offensive.

G] Conclusion:

Isaiah 49:24-26 says that even the lawful captives must be delivered. God wants to see you restless to make sure that every anomaly in your life is handled!

Peace be with you.

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Bread of Life Prayer Group – CCRN, St. Joseph Parish, Awka, Nigeria