3RD MESSAGE: The Effect of What You Eat on Your Health (John 6:53-54)

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Spiritual Aspect

1. You are what you eat. If you are eating Jesus, then you are Jesus. John 6:53-54; Ps 84:6.

2. We should consume the word of God so that, every time in our life, we will be like God. In Ezekiel 3, God told the prophet to eat the scroll meaning eat the word of God.

3. God gave a prescription of what we should eat in Genesis 1:29 (Read it). In Revelation 22, God talked about what you should eat – fruits and vegetables. In Ezekiel 47, God talked about same.

Physical Aspect

4. Good nutrient is not about money. The money you have is enough to buy you proper food to eat.

5. There are two types of malnutrition – Under nutrition i.e food being not enough. Malnutrition affects the hearts, cells, and other organs. Nursing mothers are advised to feed their babies breast milk for at least 6 months.

6. A research in America showed that many children raised on cow milk once angry tend hate their mothers, and often fights as cows do.

7. 80% of breast milk is water and is enough and adequate for the baby. From 7 months onward, you can use Akamu for the baby. You can add soya beans, grounded crayfish or cow milk to it.

8. Now to Adult: what do you eat as snacks – Biscuit, egg rolls? This is bad. The best of snacks are available – akamu, okpa, moi-moi. Akara is good but don’t use same oil over and over again because of transfact – deadly disease causer. Discard oil after second use.

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8. Case of Palm oil: Oil must be liquid at room temperature. Use the upper one not the down one that is thicker.

9. Case with Suya: Some of the oil they use not good. If you eat Suya, use onions and cabbage. Cases of breast cancer discovered in young mothers are due to suya eaten during the time men were toasting them.

10. Cholesterol: The greatest source of it is egg York – that yellow part. You can eat your egg without the york, use tomatoes and onions.

11. Other types of deficiencies – Micro deficiencies. We find micro nutrients in fruits and vegetable – afam, erikoiko, black soup, ewedu. You can use Vegetable as soup for your rice.

12. Eat a lot of fruits all times. A protruding stomach is not good. Obesity is a terrible state of health. There is nothing good about it. Reduce your consumption gradually and increase your exercise.

13. Exercise is good. When people lose weight there blood pressure comes down.

14. Food Selection: we need knowledge about food selection. For obese people, cut down on carbohydrate. For diabetes, avoid banana, pineapple. Take other fruits, cut down of carbohydrate

15. Don’t over boil vegetable. Don’t cut and wash! Rather wash and cut. Don’t warm until dark otherwise you will be eating fiber no nutrient. The vegetable should be green.

16. Alcohol intake: Avoid alcohol it affects liver. You have only one liver! Take little red wine not kaikai.

17. Smoke fish is good if done with firewood.

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Message was given by Bro (Prof) Ignatius Onimawo (Vice Chancellor, Ambrose Ali University, Ekpoma)