5 Reasons Why Some People Totally Become Sad Over The Progress Of Others.

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Ever think that everyone is truly happy with you over your recent promotion? Or that the recent party you threw to celebrate your new found joy was well received by all and sundry? You must be joking. Recent happenings have shown that not all people that heard testimonies are truly happy with them.  If not, why are some people who just got juicy appointments get killed the next day? Facial outlook can be deceptive, as some people tend to put up smiles on their faces but, inwardly are seriously pained over the favour that came your way.

Why then are people saddened at others successes?  Why have they not grasped the full import of Psalm 75:6 – which says that promotion comes from God? The answers are not far-fetched.

1). We Are Older than you!

Some people have failed to understand that age does not play key role in considering the remuneration and compensation of workforce. Ideas, smartness and personal enhancement have come to outsmart ‘age’ as key to rewarding performance.

2). He Will Soon Become Higher Than Us!

Men seem to enjoy themselves when everybody is at the same level; earning almost same pay cheques; having no cars, landed property or other tangible assets. So, to see you leave their level and advance, most often, becomes a serious threat peace and happiness.

3). We Are More Industrious!

Though being hardworking is good, it does not necessary translate to good output, enhanced performance and assurance of promotion or better reward. You are not the only one in the industry that is good and meticulous. And your firm may not honour all at once.

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4). ‘Long Leg’ Palaver!

The idea of ‘long legs’ comes from the notion that some people tend to manipulate their way, mostly through dubious means, in order to get to the top. Some even tag your progress to the use of charms, occult involvement and clandestine activities. No wonder we often hear such adage as: ‘Na o gworu ogwu ego’ (He has done mischievous things to get rich).

5). He Will Soon Become The Boss!

When many people are jostling for a position and you, from nowhere, is appointed the leader instead, how do you think an untrained fellow would feel? It is simple – sad. And you must be very careful how you relate with such partners.

What other reasons do you think people get saddened over other peoples progress? Use the comment section to share your thoughts. Shalom