A Living Sacrifice – Romans 12: 1 (Day 9)

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We shall try to look into the topic under the following subheadings: The meaning of Living Sacrifice, who is demanding of this and from whom, what are the conditions for meeting this demand, what benefits we stand to get from it and who gains, and the consequences of not meeting up with the demand.

The word living is to have life, to be able to do something, to produce result, when you still have the opportunities to do the things required of you. While sacrifice is to offer something as a gift to a deity. Deity is the state of being a god, with divine characteristics. A supernatural divine being, a god or goddess.

Here, we are looking at giving your life as a living sacrifice to the Supreme Being, God Almighty Paul, the apostle was speaking as an oracle of God demanding you and I to offer ourselves as a living sacrifice to God. He
requested of us to remember the mercies of God, to offer ourselves as a living sacrifice to God.

Rm 6:12-14 collaborated it, that we should not offer ourselves to sin or wickedness but offer it for righteousness and for good works.

God wants us to be dedicated to Him totally, to the extent that he accept each and every one of us. Completely be dedicated to God not partially, no one leg in one leg out with Him.

In Acts 10:34-35, God accepts anyone of any nationality who fears him and does what is right. Isaiah also prophesied that when the fullness of time comes,


Hos 6:6 tells us about the acceptable sacrifice. “For faithful love is what pleases me not sacrifice, knowledge of God, not burnt offering”. Here, Hosea asserts that the valid sacrifice is sincere conversion. But no man can be sincerely converted without being transformed in the inner mind.

Man requires the transformation that will change his way of thinking, that will make him leave his natural way of thinking to the divine way of life (Rm 12:2). You will then be able to separate yourself from the ways and dictates of the contemporary world. You are the one to gain from this wonderful relationship, if attain it.

You will have the power of God working and moving in you and with you. You are guaranteed a position in heaven, which
should be the Ultimate goal of every Christian.

If you are not a living sacrifice to God, you may not be acceptable to Him. You will only run a race but miss the track and therefore the prize. What a woe!

Therefore, my brothers and sisters, each of us must offer his body as a living sacrifice, holy and pleasing to God; that is spiritual act of worship.


Have you set your mind on things above? (Col 3:1-4)