Accomplishing Your Purpose In Life

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(1 Peter 4:10-11)

What is a purpose?

A purpose is the reason why something, someone exist. It is the driving force behind the creation of a particular being.

Having known this, what can you say is your purpose in life? What was God’s driving force for creating you? What did God have in mind while creating you? Why do you exist? What was God – planning to achieve while creating you?

Now every part of you was put together to accomplish that “purpose”. Your eyes, your colour, your gender, your height, your nationality, your state, your parents. Everything was planned by God, none was a mistake. Even if you were born out of wedlock or rape, you are not a mistake!

Have you discovered the reason for your existence? If no, then you need to find it for without purpose, you will actually not have reason to live when life hits you with deep challenges.

To know your purpose, look at this ‘3 Ps’…
Pain, Pleasure and potential. When you study these 3 things in line with the word of God and prayers. You will identify your purpose.

If yes, then how are you fulfilling it? Are your daily routine programmed towards the fulfilment of your purpose?
You need to know that it’s in service you grow and work in your purpose. Do the work of service in your local assembly and why doing this, make sure it’s to the end that God may take the glory.

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1 Peter 4:10-11 reminds us that when your focus while fulfilling your divine purpose is that at the end, only Jesus is glorified, then you can say you are playing the script of your maker.