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(Ezk 2:8-3:4; Mt 18:1-5.10.12-14)

Practicallyspeaking, children are not usually bothered with the many concerns of adult life, and the simple reason is that, they trust that their parents would always look out for them.

Children are often known to have absolute trust and faith in the ability of their parents and those around them to guide them and help them with whatever troubles or challenges that come their way.

We are invited today, to take up these beautiful childlike qualities, so that we may be able to attain true greatness by the standards of heaven.

Fellow Pilgrims, in the Gospel passage above, the disciples of Jesus in an effort to bring an end to the arguments and unhealthy competition which had come up among them, brought the matter before Jesus. In responding to the question of who is the greatest in the kingdom of God, Jesus presented a little child as a model for His disciples to imitate. Thus, by so doing, Jesus taught His disciples and teaches us today, to lay aside all unholy ambitions, pride, selfishness and unhealthy competitions, which are capable of distracting our focus from God.

Beloved in Christ, we must understand that, Jesus is not in anyway asking us not to desire good things for ourselves and our loved ones. However, we are cautioned to realize that, we are not here on earth to compete and outdo one another in seeking worldly honours and recognitions.

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Like St. Clare whose memorial we celebrate today, we must understand that, true honour and greatness lie only in humbly surrendering our lives to God like little children.

Lord God, purge our hearts of all unholy ambitions. Amen.

St. Clare… Pray for us!!