Brothers, What Shall We Do?

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The lives of the early Apostles were remarkable in so many ways. Their conviction about their calling; faith in God, love for one another, passion for the ministry and devotion to God’s service were very revealing and exemplary.

As present day believers, we ought to carry out personal assessments of our work and service to God and see areas in which our lives and manner of service are not in agreement with God’s principles and demands as portrayed by the Apostles; and make necessary adjustments.

Below are twelve qualities which can serve as guides to believers in evaluating their personal relationship and service to God.

1. Humility (Philippians 2:3):

Every true service must be done with utmost humbleness of heart and mind. Nothing should be done to show off or to intimidate others. We should not serve selves but God.

2. Purity of the altar (2 Timothy 2:19):

How pure is your altar? In the business you do, how pure are you? The call for purity is a necessity for everybody. Do not explain away you evil act. Irrespective of the difficult times and harsh economy, we must know that there were men who did went through worst circumstances in the past but came out victorious. Our situations are not even worse than theirs.

3. Communion with God (1 Thess. 5:17):

We should pray at all times. Through prayer, we maintain steady and unbroken relationship with God. By this, we increase in knowledge of the Lord we serve, and be able to know and do those things that He wants.


4. Total conviction of the Call.

Are you truly convinced about what you are doing? There are people who agree with the word of God only to the point of convenience. Such half belief breeds incompetence and unfaithfulness. To be effective, we must be convinced of our ministry call and be devoted to it.

5. Following the lead of the Holy Spirit. (Gal. 5:16):

It is God that owns the work that we do and He has given us His Holy Spirit to assist us. So, the work we do is of the spirit not ours. We should always lean on the Holy Spirit and pray as He directs.

6. Total disposition to God’s word (Mark 4:3-9):

Are you still hungry for the word of God? When there is no hunger, the love of the word of God die down. And a believer that is malnourished of God’s word will never be effective in the ministry. So, steer up your hunger and thirst for God’s.

7. Sacrifice (Romans 12:1-2):

A sacrifice is given and not taken back; it is consumed. If truly you have been sacrificed to the service of God, every of your action will lean toward pleasing God.

8. Obedience to God and His authority (2 Cor. 10:5-6):

There are certain things that will happen in a bid to challenge your faith and service to God. As always, your loyalty must be to God and his constituted authority.

9. Exemplary life:

The kind of life you live will determine how men will listen to you. Be perfect in all your ways. Do not compromise.

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10. Living true standard of life, shunning self concepts (2 Tim 2:19):

Do not build another kind of God in your heart that is different from the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Live according to God’s unchanging standard. Do not lower or compromise on God’s standard. Abhor sin.

11. Giving God His glory in all circumstances:

Always return all glory to God. It’s about God and not about us. In every success, triumph and victory, we must return all praises to God, for without him, we cannot live and attain those heights in our lives.

12. Not being ashamed of the Gospel but living it at all times (Romans 1:16):

Do not shy away from condemning evil. Speak against evil and uphold righteousness. Live the life of gospel at all times and in all circumstances.

We encourage you to assess your commitment to God’s service and see if there are areas where your present life is not in conformity with God’s standard for all believers; and then make necessary adjustment. May the Holy Spirit help you in this spiritual exercise. Amen.