Bruno Speaks on Poverty Menace; Gives Measures to Curtail It.

2 years ago Evangelical Ministry 1
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Mr Bruno Ibekilo has raised alarm over the alarming rate of poverty, hunger and health insecurity in Nigeria.

While speaking at St. Joseph Parish Unizik Tempsite Awka on Thursday, 17th March, 2022, the economic scholar noted that this poverty and hunger menace is invariably impacting in the  life expectancy in Nigeria which he said currently stood at 62 years in average.


Speaking further during the Day 4 Programme of 2022 Laity Week on the topic, “Hunger, Poverty & Insecurity As Impediment to Evangelization”, Bruno listed some of the things that lashould be done towards reducing the poverty menace.


These include:

1. Encourage Spirit of Mentorship Among Ourselves

2. Condemn Yahoo Yahoo Activities & Ill-gotten Wealth.

3. Early Youth Empowerment: Helps to Break Poverty Trap.

Main Areas to Focus:
✓. Agriculture Value Chain
✓. Commerce – Merchandise
✓. ICT

4. Everyone Needs to Get Voter’s Card

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