Challenges of Practicing a Home Based Christian Community

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Why do some Christians live secluded lives? Why are many believers not relating freely with others? What are the hindrances to engaging in home based Christian community?

The answers are not farfetched. Below are some reasons why some Christians want to live alone, and not to have anything to do with other believers:

1. Previous Hurtful Experiences: Some Christians have had some painful encounters with the so called ‘Christian brothers and sisters’ which made them to wonder whether these are really believers. Due to these hurtful experiences, many Christians prefer to live secluded lives rather than have other messy experiences.

2. Unfaithfulness Among the Brethren: Some believers are disloyal to constituted authorities. They break every rule, and are stubborn. Such behaivour is not healthy for a home based Christian community.

3. Division, Pride and Selfishness: Some Christians never want to be corrected even when they are doing wrong things. If you ever do, they form ‘clicks,’ hate you and speak all manner of evil and hurtful words against you.

4. Backbiting and Gossip: Some believers don’t know they ought not to say everything they hear. They will discuss with other people even outsiders, information that are delicate and meant for their close Christian group. It is advisable to check whether what you want to say will enhance or destroy lives? As Christians we should be enhancing and encouraging others, not discrediting them.

5. Unforgiveness: We should forgive people from our hearts. This will enable us to relate easily with them and share with them our physical and spiritual resources. It is hard to have close relationship with someone whom you have not forgiven.

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