Consider What Jesus Suffered For You (Seminar 2: Day 7)

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Read: Isaiah 52:13 – 53:12

Every reflection on the suffering of Jesus Christ ought to lead one to repentance. Truly, Jesus went through a lot of shame and disgrace in order to save us.

Ponder on these words which Prophet Isaiah employed to portray what Jesus encountered:

– Despised      – Man of Sorrows
– Rejected       – Chastised
– Bruised         – Smitten
– Stricken        – Oppressed
– Afflicted        – Wondered

All done to one person. All done to Him for our sins. He was numbered with the transgressors, yet He had no sin.

Dear brothers and sisters, what more can God do for us? He has loved us with His son. The handwriting of the evil and sin which were against us, He has taken away!

What more? We must at this point ponder and decide. Yes; we must surrender to God. We must decide to be faithful servants of God. We must decide to live righteously henceforth. Let this sacrifice not be in vain!

Join and sing this song: “I surrender, I surrender, I surrender all, all to thee my Blessed saviour, I surrender, I surrender all.”

Say This Prayer:

Lord help me to live in this freedom you’ve given me. May I also bring men to it that the death of Christ would not be a waste in my life. Thank you Jesus.

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