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Luke 10:19

Our Master the Lord Jesus Christ has given us the AUTHORITY and POWER we need in order to defeat our enemy, the Devil and to destroy his works. He also gave us the assurance that nothing will harm us in this war! So do not be afraid. You are more than conquerors!

Bible Study: Esther 1,2; 2 Esdras 8,9



James 4:7-8

As children of God, our heavenly Father knows how much we need His miraculous protection in our lives and thus He has given us special instruction to submit to Him and come under His authority. It is by so doing that we can discern the ruthless scheme of the devil. Let us always strive to stay close to God so that the works of the enemy will be relegated to the background.

Bible Study: 04 Esther 3,4; 2 Esdras 10,11



Mark 4:35-41

Winds and sea are mandated to obey you! Speak to the winds in your life. Speak to things troubling your soul. Speak to things that tend to bring worry. Speak! Don’t keep quite! Peace, be still. Speak, like Jesus did. You will get the same result.

Bible Study: Esther 5,6; 2 Esdras 12,13



2 Samuel 12:13

Sin is an open door the devil use to establish a legal right in our lives. Get rid of every sin that holds tight on you. Confession your sin and forsake them. Let not Satan find a thing of him in you. Be pure. Be holy. Pray Psalm 51.

Bible Study: Esther 7,8; 2 Esdras 14,15



2 Corinthians 6:14 -18

Uniting ourselves to people who do not love, follow or submit to Christ is dangerous and harmful. Most times we feel we can control whatever happens but many times we are not able to. Making friends with unbelievers influence us negatively. Bad companion ruins good character (1Corinthians 15:33). Separate yourself from evil relationships.

Bible Study: Esther 9,10; 2 Esdras 16, Manessah 1



Mark 7:31-35

Ephphatha, be opened! Whatever Satan has closed in your life, in the name of Jesus Christ, be opened now! Speak, Child of God. Any of your glory that is closed, let it come to light now in Jesus Christ! Any of your things that is placed in darkness or in the coven of the wicked, in the name of Jesus, come out now! May your glory manifest fully. Amen! Pray!

Bible Study: Job 1,2


Acts 16:25-26
Praise and worship will make the enemy flee. It pushes back the darkness that surrounds us. It blocks attacks and breaks off chains. Evil will not stick around if we consistently praise our God. He knows how to fight our battles best!
Bible Study: Job 3,4

Matthew 15:13
What are those seeds in you that hinder you from bearing fruit in Christ? What are those things that frustrate your life? Is it anger, lie, immorality, laziness, idleness, gossiping, greed, pride, unforgiveness, bitterness? Is it spiritual attacks? Is it strange sicknesses? Is it barrenness? What is that evil seed? It is time to cash them out from your life! Pray. Pray. Pray. Cast out everything that is not of God in your life. Be free in the name of Jesus Christ! Amen.
Bible Study: Job 5,6

1 John 3:8
The work of the devil which the Jesus Christ, the Son of God came to destroy is sin and everything sin brings. Today, forsake sin. Satan will have upper hand in your life if you continue to sin. As you forsake sin, resubmit yourself completely to God as James instructed in James 4:7. You will be victorious in life. Prayer: Jesus My Lord, destroy sin completely in my life. Guide me to walk in the light of God’s word always. Amen.
Bible Study: Job 7,8

2 Corinthians 10:4-5
Strongholds are fortified structures of the enemy–the devil. The three spiritual weapons we can use to pull down these strongholds are WORD, WORSHIP and PRAYER. Prayer activates the power of God; worship is doing what the devil cannot do while by speaking the word, we overcome the devil as Jesus did during His temptation. Do this consistently and see yourself triumph in life. Amen.
Bible Study: Job 9,10

Genesis 3:8-11
Disobedience to God’s instructions and word can bring shame and make us lose our way. Adam and Eve first felt shame when they found out they were naked. King Saul also was shamed and lost His throne because of disobedience to God’s instructions. We ask for grace for total obedience to God’s instructions in Jesus name. Amen.
Bible Study: Job 11,12

Psalm 1: 1-6
If you want to defeat Satan completely, do this one special thing: DELIGHT IN GOD AND IN HIS WORD. There are times one needs to take oneself out of situations, forsake negative advice and delight in God’s law /word…. His words are Spirit and life – that’s one way to avoid the devil’s trap, to stay away from shame and be productive…producing fruit in and out of season. Jesus my Lord, may I be like a tree planted by the rivers of waters. Help me to delight in your word always. Amen.
Bible Study: Job 13,14

Micah 1:7
How you make your earning matters. The end does not justify the means as God is interested in the means (how i acquired what i have). Is your source of my wealth moral and acceptable to God? Is time to leave every work and everything that do not glorify the Lord.
Bible Study: Job 13,14

Proverbs 16:7
Make your ways pleasing to the Lord. This is one very way to overcome the works of evil. Delight in God. Seek out what God desires to be done and do it.
Bible Study: Job 17,18

Romans 10:11
There are times when our faith in God becomes shaky and the devil begins to speak negatively to us…. God’s word for you is whoever believes/trust in Him will not be ashamed. What are you believing Him for….activate your Faith and do away with doubt…begin to possess it and start producing fruit in Jesus name Amen.
Bible Study: Job 19,20

Genesis 35:1-4
Bethel was a place of encounter for Jacob and when the Lord called Jacob to return to Bethel and dwell there with his family, it was expedient that he goes uncontaminated. Hence he called on all his subjects to put away their foreign idols before they can go to Bethel. Whatever takes the place of God in our life is an idol – they are works of the enemy and must be removed if we are to come into God’s presence for an encounter. Entering His presence with them is same as entering the wedding hall without the wedding garment; it would bring ridicule and shame. Do away with all idols and wicked works.
Bible Study: Job 21,22

Philippians 3:18-20
The world is a system of carnal laws that is at work on the earth. This system is contrary to that of the Spirit and its end is destruction. One of its strongest weapons is pleasure – which is referred in our verse today as “belly” and “earthly things”. The quest for pleasure weakens us and makes us fertile for the enemy. We must retake our lives from the control of pleasure and make pleasure our slave. Allow Holy Spirit to control you. Amen.
Bible Study: Job 23,24

Ephesians 6:10-18
Sometimes we do not know who our enemy is. It is not your uncle, aunt, in-laws, your neighbour, or any human being but Satan and his battalion of demons. We need to destroy them and their works with the armour provided by God. Take hold of all the armours of God. You need all of them.
Bible Study: Job 25,26

2 John 4-6
The greatest blow an enemy can give is to sow the seeds of discord among the brethren. To maintain peace in any gathering is to show love; and love is all about self-denial and sacrifice. Where there’s love an enemy cannot penetrate. We are encouraged to exhibit what Christ displayed on the cross. When insults were hurled at Him, He endured them, defeating the enemy and accomplished the work of redemption. May we put our enemies to shame by having strong love

Bible Study: Job 27,28

Jer. 29:13
You need an encounter with God. An encounter is where who are desperate for God meet Him. If you meet God, you will see the littleness of the enemy. Seek God brother. Yearn for God Almighty, sister. Cultivate a healthy spiritual life. Satan will fall and run away when God’s presence is with you. Be a seeker of God’s presence.
Bible Study: Job 29,30

1 Peter 5:8-9
The Bible records that your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour. Will you fold your hands and allow him devour you? No! Rise and stand firm in your faith for the moment your faith is unwavering, the devil will automatically flee. Resist Satan! Resist every of His thought! Give him no chance!
Bible Study: Job 31,32

Matthew 8:14-17
The word of God is powerful. Use it to cast out evil spirits tormenting your life or the life of anyone you know. Permit no sickness to live in the lives of the people of God. Stretch your hand and heal this sick! Work the works of God. Pray!
Bible Study: Job 33,34

Jer. 23:29
Use the word of God to destroy every works of Satan. The Word is like fire. Use it to command result! Use it to consume every work of Satan. Use the word of God to shatter the destructive works of Devil.
Bible Study: Job 35,36

Matthew 17:20-21
Be a person of faith. Do not doubt. Have strong faith and pray fervently. Pray and Fast! You need faith; You need Prayer; You need Fasting. Do not get tired. Be consistent in these things. Amen.
Bible Study: Job 37,38

Galatians 3:13-14
Jesus Christ has redeemed us from every curse, bondage, evil and siege of the devil, by becoming a curse for us. Satan cannot have power over you. Use this Scripture to cripple the works of enemy in your life and destiny. Christ has taken your curse. There is no limitation in your life again. Walk in this knowledge. Amen.
Bible Study: Job 39,40

John 8:31-32
Here Jesus tells us how we can destroy every works of the enemy in our lives. Know the truth. The truth shall set you free. Who is the truth? It is JESUS CHRIST. Devote time to know Jesus. Cry for Knowledge. Renew your mind each day with God’s truth. Beloved, spend quality time with God’s word. Ask Jesus Christ to reveal Himself to you. Remember: the truth will literally set you free from every bondage of Satan.
Bible Study: Job 41,42

Matthew 18:18-19
Never underestimate the power of prayers. Whatever you bind on earth shall be bound in heaven. Decree what you want. Speak! Heaven will grant your request. Praying with God’s words is a strong and mighty weapon against the forces of evil.
Bible Study: Psalm 1,2; Proverbs 1,2

Psalm 91:1-4
The starting and ending point of your victory over Satan is God’s presence. As far as we continue to abide in the presence of God, He will never leave us to fail. He will constantly be with us and fight for us.
Bible Study: Psalm 3,4; Proverbs 3,4

Matthew 6:14-15
One of the seed the devil has sown in the lives of many Christians is the seed of unforgiveness and bitterness. One thing we must realized is that unforgiveness hinders our prayers and spiritual growth. Forgive everyone that has wronged you. Just as God has forgiven us in Christ, let us freely forgive others.
Bible Study: Psalm 5,6; Proverbs 5,6

Revelation 12:11
Use the blood of Jesus Christ to defeat Satan. Angels of God used this to defeat and chase him out of Paradise. Use the same! There is power in the blood of Jesus Christ! Use the Word of God. Amen!
Bible Study: Psalm 7,8; Proverbs 7,8