Disobedience: The Cause of Exile

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One challenge we are having today is that most of us have lost the presence of God, and are now wandering about in strange problems, diseases and unusual death. Exile is living outside of the presence of God.

Starting with King Saul, 1 Samuel 15:20-23 clearly pointed out the instruction God gave Saul – To go and kill all the people of Amaleks and all the flocks – but Saul kept the most beautiful alive and even saved the King for selfish reasons, thus disobeying the command of God.

The God we serve is the God of instruction and Scripture is replete with cases of disobedience and its consequences:

1. The Case of Adam and Eve disobeying the instruction of God not to eat of a particular tree’s fruits. They disobeyed and ate it, and God drove them away from His presence (Genesis 3:1-24).

2. The case of Israelites and eating of Manna. They disobeyed God by collecting both today’s and tomorrow’s food at once, instead of only today’s food as instructed. What happened? The ones they collected left for tomorrow get spoiled over the night (Exodus 16:11-21).

3. The case of Achan who disobeyed the instruction of God and took some of the accursed things from the land of Jericho, which things God commanded must be totally be destroyed. Every act of disobedience is a sin. Achan and his family died in one day as they were stoned and burned with fire (Joshua 7:10-26).

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4. The case of Nadab and Abihu who died on the altar of God for offering a strange incense which God did not command to be offered. God sent fire from above and burnt them (Leviticus 10:1-3).

5. 1 Kings 13 introduced a certain prophet who gave a good prophesy again the evil of King Jeroboam, but the prophet disobeyed God’s instruction that he should not eat in that land. He was deceived by another prophet and he later ate. The result was that a lion came and killed him when he was going home.

Anyone who does not meet up with standard of God will go to Hell fire and the condition of being a Christian is to obey all instruction given by Jesus Christ. There were specific instructions given to early Christians as captured In the Acts of Apostles 15:19-20 which are very important to us today:
1. To separate oneself from Idol.
2. To removed oneself from Sexual Immorality,
3. To avoid strangled animals and from blood.

Anything Idol is evil and is covenanted with demons. Every Christian should not get involved in it at all. He said that some prayer houses are using idol powers. Any Christian who has participated in idol worshiped need true and real deliverance.

Don’t try sexual immorality at all. It destroys one spiritually and physically. It is easiest way to open one’s life to evil attacks. Brothers and sisters, we must be careful of what we see, hear, say and do for sexual immorality entails these. In marriage process, you are not husband and wife until you are married in the Church. This is when the two spouses can live together under one roof, to do otherwise is unchristian and evil. We should stop engaging in sinful act with intention of going to confession next day for forgiveness. It’s very wrong.

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Another basic instruction Christ gave us is of two type: Charity (Matthew 25:31-40) and Witnessing (Acts 1:8). When you stopped sinning, God expects you to go on with charity and witnessing of Christ. Don’t stay idle. Today, people are losing interest in gospel because witnesses are growing cold. It’s time to arise.

Benefits of Being in God’s Presence:
1. Your deliverance is guaranteed.
2. You will have permanent joy.
3. Your enemies can’t do you any thing.

The only thing that guarantees the presence of God in one’s life is obedience to God’s instructions (John 14:15). And the earlier we started it, the better for us.

Thank you.