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How can we experience open heaven?

Focus: to enable members know the keys to becoming extraordinarily fruitful through God’s word.

John 8:32; This question of how is a very important point to note. This can only be achieved by having the right knowledge of what God wants you to do. When you fail to get the right key to open heaven, you won’t experience it. John 6:5-6. If you ‘re not inquisitive to know how to attract open heaven, you will still remain ignorant. The knowledge of the word is very important. Becoming extraordinarily fruitful is dependent on knowing the keys to unlock heaven.

Keys/Activities to apply in order to unlock heaven

When you get the right key for a particular door, that door will open and reverse becomes case. Every open door has its key.

1. Loving the Lord above all things. John 14:23. Jesus categorically stated it that anyone who loves his him and keeps his commands, will definitely become a home of the Lord. God will come and make his dwellings in his abode. Alleluia.

2. Walking in righteousness. Proverbs 14:34, Matthew 5:6
Righteousness exaults a nation. Blessed are those who hunger for righteousness according to Jesus. So if you need to experience open heaven, then strive to live righteously.

3. Strict adherence to the word of God. Genesis 26:12-14. The issue is not about listening or hearing the word but in its practical application as it pertains our lives.

4. Living a sacrificial life. Example the story of Abraham.


5. Tithe giving. Mal. 3:10-12, Act. 10:44-48 etc

6. Involvement in kingdom service. Devote yourself in God’s service.

7 Faith: faith is a spiritual hand with which one receive a spiritual gift. It’s a currency with which we buy things from God.

8. Consistency in self development. Gen.2:5. Some Christians are lazy, never ready to develop themselves in a particular area of life. Discipline, diligence and self development matters.

9. Abiding in the word of God. John 15:7.