Follow The Master (Seminar 4: Day 3 Reflection)

5 years ago Evangelical Ministry 0
Spread the Good News

Read: Matt. 4:18-22

If there is one person that  knows you more than you know yourself, it’s your Maker, the Almighty God.

Today, he makes a call. He says ‘follow me.’ Will you oblige? Follow me means ‘be with me,’ ‘watch me,’ ‘learn from me,’ and ‘do what I say and do.’

There’s never been a time when the principle of God was applied and it failed. It’s worldly principles and standards that have failed man.

What excuses do you have today for not drawing closer to Jesus Christ and following His righteous ways. Check those alibi again. They are nothing compared to the glory and lasting joy that comes from fulfilling the God’s desire.

At your dead bed what will give you utmost joy is that you followed God and did His good heart pleasure. May this be your story. Amen.

Say This Prayer

Lord Jesus, forgive my excuses. Help me to always be available as a true disciple and do your will. Amen.

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