God Has No Favourites (Seminar 3: Day 4)

5 years ago Evangelical Ministry 0
Spread the Good News

Read: Acts 10:34-43

If you are serious about growing your relationship with your Lord and Master Jesus Christ, then fear God and do what’s right before Him.

It’s being said that human beings are the most stubborn of all the creation of God. Their Maker will say one thing and they will do another! Can the clay be disobedient to the Potter?

If today you’ll begin to fear God and do what’s right and pleasing to Him, He will accept you, no matter which nation, tribe or colour you are from.

God is pleased with righteous works. He hates sin but loves righteousness. He upholds the just. Amen.

Say This Prayer

Lord Jesus, guide me always through your Holy Spirit to do things acceptable to God. Forgive me for all my sin and disobedience. Anoint me to do the will of God, my Father. Amen.

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