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Isaiah 43:1-4 – God is encouraging us from the scriptural texts that we are not alone, especially now that we have many issues surrounding us. The economic crippling, wars, kidnapping, death, and so on, these practically we encounter daily. It is in this precarious situation that God is giving us hope of assurance that we are not alone. We may be carrying crosses today, but, one assurance of God for us is that through the cross, we will cross over to joy. We need to share up as we have a target as believers and servants of God. Romans 10:11 says that whoever trusts in God will not be put to shame. God will not change in my time. Are you convinced that God loves you? This conviction makes us see the love of God fully manifested in us. Without conviction, you won’t feel the move and love of God and your mind won’t be fixed on Jesus. Convictions make us anchor our attention on the heavenly things and other earthly things.

The early apostles passed through a lot for the sake of Jesus Christ. This is shown in Romans 8:18 that whatever we pass through now can not be compared with the glory that is to come. Hagai 2:9 compliments this by saying that the glory of the latter rain shall be greater than the former. God’s love is not measured by material possessions – the number of cars, houses, children, or lands we have. God’s love is immeasurable and it is evident by the offering of His son Jesus Christ that we might have life and have it in full. Don’t anchor God’s love on certain indices, His nature is love.

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Another area to consider when measuring God’s love is that He does not owe us, it is His love that always provides for us, not that we are entitled to the providence.

What then are God’s expectations as a reciprocal of this love?

He simply needs a deeper relationship with us. He wants us to draw near to Him. And for us to reciprocate this love, we must be obedient to His word. The essence of these expectations is for us to experience this love. The scripture says, see how much the Father has loved us that we are called children of God, this is a privilege, this is unmerited in entirety. The whole essence of God is lavishing love on us.

Another thing we must do as people of love is to present Jesus to the world, not to backbite, gossip, or slander others. Whose identity am I projecting? Myself? Human beings? Your pastor? These are mere humans, Jesus should be the center of our existence.

Five Keys to sustaining the fire of God’s love in our heart

1. You must learn to listen attentively to God. God is for you and you are for God. Know what the Holy Spirit says to you at every given point. Romans 8:35-39 – what can separate us from the love of God? Is it hunger, famine, sickness, death, tribulations? In all these, we are more than conquerors through Him who loved us.

2. You must be filled daily with the Holy Spirit. In the presence of God, there is fullness of joy


3. Your existence does not anchor entirely on earthly things or material possessions.

4. Draw close to Jesus. give him your heart every day.

5. Always embark on a personal retreat. From time to time, you declare a retreat for yourself, for your family. This helps you redefine and align your life and pattern it according to God’s purpose.