God the Father loves you personally – Day 1

8 years ago Service Team 2
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Study Verse: Isaiah 43:1-5

Today’s verse give us a new orientation of our perception of God. It tends to change our view of the relationship we have had with God. It changes into a more personal relationship, bringing us to the knowledge that God is not in a distant place and person. He is no longer the distant being that relates with us through institutions and instruments of institutions, but can relate with us person-to-person. He has made the first move and has declared the redemption and love for us. Now we need to respond. Now we know that our relationship with him can be cordial and close; a father-to-son relation. Our declaration and practice of love can be personal. He is here not there – playing his role as Father; guiding, directing, protecting and providing – out of his enormous love. This is our assurance. We have a loving Father, who is the maker of heaven and earth, hence we shall not want. Even in trying moments, we trust that he will certainly turn it for good in a way that is best.

Give us Lord a deeper knowledge of this new union of ours, so that I can better appreciate it and live in it, Amen.

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