God the Father loves you personally – Day 2

8 years ago Service Team 0
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Study Verse: Jeremiah 31:1-14, 20-22

The Lord continues to unveil the new dimension of his love for us. He continues to tell us that he is not that mystified and unapproachable God who lives in a distant place, but a loving Father that yearns for us. He says “I have loved you with an everlasting love therefore I have continued in my faithfulness to you” – Jer31:3. Inspite of the wrongs we have done, he still stays on hopefully, awaiting our return. He seeks and reaches out for us day and night; continually telling us that he wants to be part of our lives – an integral part. He tries to bring us to the true essence of our life; which is to know, to love and to serve him; that at last we will enter his kingdom. He calls us to a life of seeking his kingdom and his righteousness. He is a loving and faithful, to stay with us in accomplishing this task; all the way to its fulfillment. Even when I faulter , he brings us back, for is my loving Father who has loved us and everlasting love.

Help us oh Lord to appreciate this love and continue to explore its dept.

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