God the Father loves you personally – Day 4

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Study Verse: Isaiah 49:8-16

The Lord continues to teach us about his fatherly love. In today’s passage, three important lessons are given for our knowledge:

  • The Lord is always faithful with his presence in our lives. He tells us that in every situation we may be, he is there trying to get the best for us. Even when we may seem to be alone; we are not really alone. He has loved us with an everlasting love and will continue to be with us.
  • The Lord is always working on us. As a Father, he wants to bring the best out of us. Many a time, we are ignorant of this and end up working in ways that counter his. Such actions that tend to slow down our growth in him and fulfillment of the destiny he has carved out for us.
  • He is bringing all to a fruitful end. It is his desire that we turn out right. That at the end of all hostility, success shall be ours. He will bring us up, unto unexpected heights of glory and will restore to us all we may have lost. This is a message of hope.

In all these, we should be glad and proud of such a loving Father we have; in the God who created us and as such, draw nearer to him.

Help me Oh Lord, with a greater realization of your faithfulness and work in me; that I be rest assured of the success that lies ahead.

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Dear Friend, kindly study the Bible verse and the reflection, to get God’s message for today and pray with the prayer intention above.