God the Father loves you personally – Day 6

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Study Verse: Daniel 10:4-19

Clear remembrance due to sustained exposure and closeness.  A deeper level of vision – deeper than that of others who only felt the presence and trembled – resulting from a closer level of relationship. The possibility of a mortal man being the “great beloved” of the almighty. These are three lessons drawn from today’s passage. The Lord is able to dwell closely with me, so closely that we can perfectly learn of his person. It is clear also that the Lord shows himself to men to different degree of exposure. I should endeavour to be among those he will show more of himself. Those he will bring to the deepest relationship with him, which he has to offer. He wants us to be his beloved, dear to his heart.

Help me oh Lord, to go deep with you; to sustain a life of holiness, bearing at all time the reality of Christ’s presence.

Dear Friend, kindly study the Bible verse and the reflection, to get God’s message for today and pray with the prayer intention above.

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