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Text: Jere: 31v1-14

Anytime we talk about the love of God, we talk about agape love, a love that can not be measured, a love filled with great concern for our well being, an unquantifiable and immeasurable love.

When God was creating the Angels, there was no record that they were created in his image, when He was creating animals, there was no record of the same statement, even in the creation of celestial bodies, none of this was created in God’s image, but when it came to the time of creating man, he called for a trinity meeting, and man was created in his image and likeness. The name MAN was given to him, to take dominion in the Morning, Afternoon and Night. what a privilege!!

Attributes of God’s love

1. The love of God is unconditional: There is nothing attached to this, he is not expecting anything in return from us other than just to make ourselves available. (1 John 4:10, Romans 5:8).

2. His love is eternal and enduring (Jeremiah 31:1-4, John 3:16)

3. His love surpasses knowledge (Ephesians 3:17)
There is a dimension of God you cannot enter into unless you fathom the love of God for you.

4. His love is personal (Lk 15:4-7).
No matter

5. His love speaks to us (Ish 43:1-6).
No matter what you are going through in life, God has sent you his word; that word is that He is there with you. Because of his perpetual presence with us, nothing can overwhelm us. He is always with us, even to the end of time (Matt 28:30).


6. His love constrains us and keeps us from sin. (2 Cor. 5:14).
It is the love of God that gives us the grace that helps us not to go against the instructions of God.

It is impossible for a man to live above sin except he has experienced the love of God.

7. His love is completely felt and experienced by the Holy Spirit. (Rom 5:5).
One of the major responsibilities of the Holy Spirit is to spread the love of God in our hearts.

Ways that God Communicates His Love to Us.

1. By His undying commitment (Ish 49:15).

2. He has demonstrated his love by His sacrifice. (John 15:3).
Love cannot be expressed without sacrifice. This Christ did by His death on the cross.

3. By His unending forgiveness.
Times and again we fall to sin, God has not given up on us. He is ever ready to forgive us for as many times as we return to Him after falling.

Every time we distance ourselves from God because of our sin, God stands at the gate of our hearts waiting eagerly for our return.

4. By His very presence. (Rom 8:38).
The love of God can never depart from us; it is ever present with us.

5. By His pleasure and delight towards us. (Zach 2:8).

6. By His unrelenting passion (Ish 62:1).
God is not going to rest until

7. By giving us the right to sonship. (1Jhn3:1).
We were mere creatures after our creation, but we were elevation to the place of sonship when the love of God found expression in our lives.


Our responsibility towards the love of God.

1. We have to acknowledge the love of God.
2. Submit to the love of……