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There are some definite moments in life that cause you to ask questions like “where are you God?” “Why am I left alone in this?” “Why are these bad things happening?” “Why me Lord?” “Why now?”

If you think you are the only one who is struggling with these kinds of questions, take heart, you are not alone. There are people around you and even the bible is filled with people who asked these and other kinds of questions. Read the story of Job, Habakkuk, David, Ezekiel, and so on.

However, what makes those “heroes” different from the modern day believers is just one thing; they never confuse their life with the relationship they have with God.

Sometimes we have this impression that if we follow God, nothing will ever go wrong. As long as we have Jesus, our problems are taken care of. We think we can live in a free-worry and free-trouble zone. However, there is no such a thing called “green zone” in a Christian life. Our life is under a constant battle with the unseen spiritual reality.

The reality of suffering or disappointment shakes our faith, makes us bitter, and distort our vision and purpose. It also creates all kinds of questions.

We question God’s ability, his presence, and his faithfulness. However, unless we learn how to handle our life struggles and disappointments we end up in  great pain and another disappointment. We need to separate our relationship that we have with God and “not confuse it with the physical life.”


In every situation you have been given the ability to endure and grow stronger despite the number of setbacks, challenges and obstacles. It is your choice. Life’s circumstances can either make you bitter or better.

But if you remain committed to the promises of God, promises that help you move on, you’ll avoid getting bitter and you’ll get better even while you are going through a difficult times