How Can I Bear Witness For Christ?

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Spread the Good News

To witness is to preach and live out the full message of the gospel of Jesus Christ. The message is that there is forgiveness of sin unto those who turn away from their sin and believed in the salvific work of Jesus Christ. These men are then called to live their life henceforth in union with Jesus Christ.
The following means are available for propagation of message of Christ:
Through Your Personal Life:
The first gospel you preach is your personal life. The life you live must be exemplary and a constant display of the true gospel of Jesus Christ. Mahatma Gandhi once said to believers, “I love your Christ but I dislike your Christianity.’’ People should look at you and desire to be like you (Romans 8:1-21).

Through Your Utterances:
This involves preaching the message of the gospel of Christ to other people. This can be done by a personal witness to another person. It can also be done through going out in pairs to preach the gospel to others. Other ways are through pulpit ministration, open air outreach, bus evangelism, hospital evangelisation and morning call. In all these, you are actively engaged in telling people about Christ through the words you speak (Matthew 10:1-33).

Through Media:
There are a lot of media platforms available to us today. We can use Social Media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp to preach the gospel of Christ. We can also have Radio and Television program. One advantage of Media outreach is that it reaches many people including the good and bad ones (Matthew 10:27).

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Through Literature:
Some people are gifted in writing. So these elite group can pass a lot of Christian messages and inspire many people through good spiritual books, truly inspired by the Holy Spirit. By this we can win more souls to God. (Revelation 1:10-11).

If you want to remain relevant in today’s world you have to engage preaching the gospel. Portray yourself as a child of God. It is a wise thing to do (Proverb 11:30). Do not hide your identity as a child of God. Preach Christ. Bear witness to Him at all times. Amen.