How Do I Overcome a Sinful Habit?

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A sinful habit is behaviour that leads to sin. This often bring dissatisfaction and pains to the human heart. Because we are created in the image and likeness of God who abhors evil, our souls get hurt whenever we sin, likewise our conscience.

The truth is that we can overcome sinful habits and maintain a godly and pure living. These are some of the ways you can overcome sin.

1. Understand the Gravity of Sin:

The scripture stated that the soul that sins shall die. This death is both the physical and spiritual (eternal). Moreover, many Federal and State laws forbid evil and punish offenders severely.

Would you want to be confided in a prison all your life? Or have your image and reputation ruined when your evil acts are exposed? Think about this.

2. Identify the Sinful Habit:

Pinpoint the habits which leads you to sin. Do you steal? Kill? Fornicate? Mustabate? Tell lies? Embezzle funds? Cheat others? You must pinpoint what the evil acts are in order to overcome them.

3. Hate Your Sin:

Develop a deep distaste for your sin. Your hatred of sin must be borne from the fact that sin will not do you any lasting good. As we have said in the first point, it will only destroy and tarnish your image. So, if you don’t hate the sinful act, you won’t take any strong step to overcome them.

4. Avoid the Occasions that Lead to Sin:

Be honest with yourself here. Which events, occasions or conditions gives you lead way to engage in those evil acts?

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Are you moving with corrupt friends? Do you love watching porn alone or with friends? Are you without a good job and so steal?

Identify those things that easily aid the sinful acts and avoid them. Again, the strength to avoid them will come from your ever strong desire to overcome your sinful habits and uphold good behaviours.

5. Replace Them With Good Habits or Behaviours:

Don’t create a vacuum. Once you stop a process that leads to sin, then start another that strengthen good acts. If you avoid a night club, you can love staying with your family, or reading a book, or joining a Christian fellowship.

This process looks simple but it will help you if you are willing to live a good life. Proverb 14:34 states that righteousness exalts a nation but sin is a reproach to any human person. May God strengthen your effort to overcome your sinful acts. Amen.