Humility Is The Path To Exaltation (Seminar 3: Day 1)

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Read: Philippians 2:6-11

We may all be shouting “Jesus is my Lord,” “Jesus is my Saviour,” and “Jesus is my Life,” while neglecting the path Jesus took to accomplish this great feat.

Brothers and sisters, the “Lord” Jesus answers today was not handed over to Him on a platter of gold.

1. First, He stripped Himself of all reputation of being God.
2. He took the nature of a servant (a slave).
3. Then became man.
4. He became humble, so humble He accepted death on cross.

Dear friends, why are you so boastful! Why the arrogance? Where is this pride from? These are not of Christ, and can never be, no matter how people try to justify them.

If you can humble yourself like Jesus, our Master, did, you will accomplish much. Jesus Himself will find a home in you and will grant you good success, yes, the God’s kind of success.

So in this journey of life what part of your life is still not under the Lordship of Christ? Jesus is supposed to be Lord of your whole life! Remove all worldliness and put on Christ.

Say this prayer:

Lord, any part of me that you haven’t become Lord over, please show me in this week seminar. Amen.

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