If Only I Could Touch The Hem Of His Garment

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Only If I Could Touch The Hem Of His Garment

Mk 5: 25-29

‘If only I could touch the hem of his garment’

This was the prayer of a woman who has suffered severe bleeding for many years, she was cut off from the society, abandoned by her family and friends, she was lonely in a world full of people, she was not allowed to come close to any one let alone touching any one, she was considered unclean and an outcast. She bled for twelves years and no one could help her not even the doctors. All hopes were lost until she heard of Jesus ‘ verse 27’ she said to herself in faith, ‘if only I could touch the hem of his garment’ she pressed on the crowed and touched his cloak and was instantly healed of her hemorrhage. She touched Jesus and Jesus touched her deeply.

Jesus noticed virtue had gone out of him and he asked who touch him. The disciples were shocked because there were so much crowed around him pressing hard on him but Jesus knew what he was asking because this touch was particularly different. He wanted to identify with this woman, it wasn’t about her healing but about her soul. The woman, trembling fell down before him and he said to her; “Daughter! Thy faith hath made thee whole; go in peace and be whole of thy plague. From then on the woman was totally whole and her soul was saved because she encountered the power of Jesus.

brethren for twelve years this woman was constantly losing blood, life was flowing out of her for Liv: 17 v 11 says; ” The secrete of life is in the blood” but when she encountered Jesus, the resurrection and the life, life flowed back into her.

That life still flows from the cross of Jesus today.

Can you ask him to give you life.

Remain blessed!


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