In His Presence: Exloring the Fullness of God’s Presence – Psalm 16:11 (Bible Study)

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Living in the presence of God is the best life because in the presence of God, there is fullness of joy ( Psalm 16:11) and is God’s will to dwell among His people.

During the just concluded National Conference, THE TEACHINGS highlighted this because the presence of God means heaven and hell is the absence of God. To explore the fullness of God’s presence, we must live up to our responsibilities.

In His presence, signs, wonders and miracles happen. Even when we experience closed heaven and the siege of the enemy, which is equivalent to living in hell, going to his presence guarantees our healing, and so, heaven and hell begins here on earth.

To continue living in His presence, we must keep the baptismal fire burning and endeavour to fulfil the mandate to disciple the nations, because The Holy Spirit of God has special projects all over the world and we are the labourers and so, we must not sleep at our duty post.

Class Study:

1. What does heaven and hell mean to you? Matt25:31-41, Luke 16:22-23

a) Heaven is the presence of God while Hell is His absence.

b) Hell is a place prepared for the devil and his agents not for man.

2. When one experiences a closed heaven and the siege of the enemy, what should he do? 2kings 6:24-33, 7:1-2,

a) Repent absolutely.

b) Maintain a good relationship with God.

c) Believe in God’s Word and

d) Locate a prophet of God

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e) Seek prayer assistance

3. How can we keep the fire burning? 2Tim 1:6-7

a) Practical use of your Spiritual gifts

b) Dwelling in His presence

c) Avoiding fire extinguishers- like: sins cares of the world

d) Anxiety or focusing on your problems

NB if you do not take your eyes off your problems, your problems will take you away from His presence.

4. How can we make disciples of all the nations? Matth28:18-23

a) Preaching to your neighbours by your lifestyle.

b) Use of social media like Facebook, WhatsApp

c) Building campus crusade Groups- building evangelizers

d) Building Bible Study groups- importance of home based communities.

5. How can I experience the manifest presence of God? 2Chron20:21-23

a) Singing unceasing praises to God and worshipping HIM ALONE,

b) Attending fellowship

c) Acknowledging the presence of God without doubt

d) Obedience to His Word /commands


Living in the presence of God implies bearing fruits for the Kingdom. The extent to which you align yourself to this will determine your success in fulfilling the Great Commission.

Endeavour to use your Spiritual gifts to renew the Catholic Charismatic Renewal and the Church and your activities must be visible and fruitful because when we are in His presence; signs, wonders and miracles flow.