Jesus Christ Is Lord All The Time (Seminar 3: Day 3)

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Read: Mark 2:23-28

You cannot give Jesus Monday and keep Tuesday for yourself. No! Jesus is the Lord of all times – “the time of my birth, the time of my dying and all the events in between.”

Even on the Sabbath day, Jesus Christ is the Lord. The Sabbath was made to be a blessing to man. It was made for man while man was made to serve God, not the Sabbath.

As John Gill’s Commentary puts it: “the sabbath was made for man; for his good, and not for his hurt; both for the good of his soul, that he might have an opportunity of attending divine worship, both in public and private;

And for the good of his body, that he might have rest from his labour; …. and therefore works of necessity are not forbidden on this day; such as are for the necessary comfort, support, and preservation of life; or otherwise it would be apparent, that the sabbath was not appointed for the good, but for the hurt of men.”

You see, the Lordship of Jesus Christ over you is not to your hurt but for good. Jesus has your best interest at heart.

Say This Prayer:

Lord, I cling to you from today. I submit my life to your leadership. Give me the grace to do what you say at all times. Amen.

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