Jesus is the Lord of your Life – Day 1

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Study Verse: Philippians 2:6-11

Prior to his eternal sacrifice the earth was justly condemned. It was his sacrifice that restored hope and snatched the earth from being lost. He became the way back to God; that all who pass through this way that is himself will gain access to eternity in God. Hence, the earth and all in it are given unto his Lordship. He is my Lord, restorer and my redeemer; sparing me from destruction that I justly deserve and giving himself as a way back to life. I must surrender myself unto him and learn to reverence my Lord at all time.


Oh Lord, I thank you for your work and sacrifice. I surrender to you as my Lord and savior, help me to stay in you, amen.

Dear Friend, kindly study the Bible verse and the reflection, to get God’s message for today and pray with the prayer intention above.

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