Jesus is the Lord of your Life – Day 3

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Study Verse: Mark 2:23-27

The Sabbath worship was the order of rites and ordinances with which devout men worshipped God in times past and in the advent of Christ, he was to institute a new order with himself in the center as Lord. In today’s passage we see him technically bringing an end to the old order and heralding the new. He assumes his place as Lord of the Sabbath, that he will end it and herald the order of the worship of God in the order of love, salvation, repentance and grace. An era when we are led to God by his Spirit through Christ the Way. This era is where we are today; where we follow the footstep of him who is our Lord and worship God in love and grace; being saved daily by this mercy.


Help me oh Lord Jesus, that I will live in the order of your love.

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