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INTRODUCTION: when Jesus saves a man, he also sets him free. Jesus came to save man from from sin, Rom 3:23 says ‘everyone has sinned and is far away from God’s saving grace. Going further to vs 24 ‘but by the free gift of God’s grace all are put right with Him through Christ Jesus who sets them free’ (GNB).

So, at the core of Christ ministry on earth is salvaging man from the destructive power of sin.
Man is saved through God’s grace which absolves man of every sin. Jesus did not stop at saving man but also went further to acquit man of all guilt of sin by declaring man totally innocent even though we were guilty of sin Rom 4:5.
More also, he keeps no record of our sins therefore we escape the punishment due to our sins.
What Jesus did to save man (Heb 9:22)
Jesus shed His blood for the remission of sin, before now, blood of goats and bulls were sprinkled upon the people for the forgiveness of sin. If the blood of this animals can take away sin, how much more the blood of Jesus?

Why the blood? (Liv 17:11, Matt 22:26) for the secrete of life is in the blood. Since the blood is the life of every living thing, it means that life must be given up for life to be saved. This is what Jesus did knowing that shedding of the blood is shedding of life.


What qualified the blood of Jesus? The birth of Jesus was sacred and blameless therefore, so His blood is pure. God needed a blood that was without blemish or wrinkles, he was prepared before hand for this task, the need to prepare a vessel for him (Mary) for the divine assignment
The result of the blood, by shedding His blood for man, He took away the guilt and punishment of man, and clothed man with the cloth of righteousness so that he who knew no sin was made sin that we may become the righteousness of God through Christ Jesus. (2cor 5:21)
At the death of Jesus, (1Pt 3:18, 4v6, Heb 2v14)
1. He went into the hell and preached the gospel
2. He took the key of death together with its dominion and rose (Rev 17:1)
3. We became righteous through Him in God
4. The death of Jesus is a complete package i.e He saved and set us free (Rom 8:1).

HE Sets Us Free From The Following;
Sin (Col 2:14)
2.Sickness (Isa 53:1-5)
3.Poverty (2cor 8:9)
4.Satanic forces (col 2:15)
5.Curses ( Gal 3:13).

How can we posses all these things that Jesus did for us?
By believing and confessing Jesus, believing in God’s word as the final authority in our daily life.