Jesus saves you and sets you free – Day 3

8 years ago Service Team 0
Spread the Good News

Study Verse: Luke 19:1-10


bread-and-cup-2The man Zacchaeus was inhibited by the challenges of his current life that can be summarized as his social status as a tax collector – enemy of the people, a sinner – enemy of holiness and a short man – one impeded by clear vision. Yet at the most important moment he took the right decision; to come out of all these impediments and seek Christ. The effort he made was not sufficient on its own, to bring him in contact with Christ, but then the master never needed more. The master seeks to save souls and immediately he made that little effort, the master came to him and saved him.

I must come out of my impediment, my social and spiritual rejection, even my self rejection and make that effort – even as small as the lifting up of my hands in surrenderance and he will come and save me.


Help me Lord to come of my impediments and come to you, amen.

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