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  1. Introduction: If you take your mind back to the old testament, it was widely agreed that there was no indweling of the Holy Spirit. He was present only among the great men who did mighty things for God. But in the new testament, the Holy Spirit lives among God’s elect, those destined for the salvation of Jesus. In John 4:10-14, Jesus declared another being that is to come, the release of power, Jesus didn’t call him the Holy Spirit at this time but springs of living water, the power. In John 7:37-39, at the feast of Shelter, Jesus called that spring of living water – the Spirit.Fulfillment of the Account

    If you want to have a complete account of the Holy Spirit as was promised, the following scriptural texts should be taken into consideration;

    In Acts 1:4-5 – Jesus made known what is to be received, In John 20:20-23 – at the evening of His resurrection, Jesus breathed on the Apsotles and emphatically told them to receive the Holy Spirit, In Acts 1:8-9 – there are two things he declared we are to receive on the Pentecost – The Holy Spirit and power, then In Acts 2:1-11, the Holy Ghost came down in fullness.

    Is the Spirit of God you received resting in you or already in action? Do you have the Spirit but lack the power?

    Why we need the Holy Spirit and Power

    1. Witnessing (Acts 1:8) Jesus declared in the scriptural text that we will be His witnesses in Judea, Samaria and to the ends of the earth. And this is accompanied through the demonstration of power. With the word and Power, we prove that Jesus lives.

    2. To increase in the knowledge of God (John 14:20-26). Jesus said, I will not leave you orphan but will send you the Spirit who will reveal to you the secrets and mysteries of God. The spirit takes us beyond the letters and reveal hidden truths about God.

    3. Unity of the Body of Christ (Ephesians 4:11-13). Despite giving us diverse gifts and manifestations, our unity is what makes us the church. Without the Holy Spirit, there can’t be the church and our gathering is just a mere social club.

    4. To attain Holiness (Romans 1:4). By strength shall no man prevail. No matter the effort you make to overcome sin, without his Holy Spirit, you are wasting your energy. It is the Spirit that whispers to our soul on what is good and what is evil. Without Holiness, no eyes can see God. Strive to leave a Holy life.

    5. For the service of God. The flesh cannot please God, it is the Spirit that enables us to work effectively in our various ministries. It is not by how much training you have received, the love you ‘re being shown or how consistent you are in the things of God, but the amount of the Holy Spirit you carry.

    6. To manifest the nature of God. (Galassians 5:22-25). The fruits listed in this scriptural text is the nature of God. The Spirit helps us to manifest the character of God.

    Manifestations of the Spirit of God
    (1 Corinthians 12:4-11)

    There ‘re many diversities of gifts but the same God, these gifts are for the service of God and edification of the Church.

    The gift of the Holy Spirit is a unique manifestation of the Holy Spirit in unique individuals. It is actually the Holy Spirit himself manifesting himself in us. The gifts can’t be separated by the giver, it is him manifested in wholeness, but he can’t give you all the manifestations hence you become like him, rather He will give you that which you need for your services. Then, when the church comes together as a body of Christ, there is a fullness of him in the fellowship.

    What are these manifestations?

    1. Utterance (Word) of wisdom defined ability to solve issues. When a community lacks this gift, the assembly can’t function effectively.

    2. Utterance (Word) of Knowledge ability to know things beyond the ordinary. This reveals hidden truths. Without this gift, there ‘re certain levels you can’t reach.

    3. Faith  You cannot be an effective prayer warrior without faith, you can’t perform miracle without faith. Even our journey of Christianity is a matter of faith. It is the whole essence of Christianity. That you have not known the end from the beginning but willing to start the journey is faith.

    4. Healing a gift that was so much in abundance among the early apostles, to the extent that even handkerchief heals the sick and diseases, even their shadow were curing the sick.

    5. Working of miracles some times, evangelization should be accompanied with miracles. It helps to propagate the gospel well. We need men and women to work miracles as a means of evangelization.

    6. Prophecy  here men begin to speak and communicate the mind of God whether past, present or future. It could be in form of revelation or prophetic utterances. A community that lacks prophets tend to be stagnated, the end result of this lack is surfing of members away from the fellowship.

    7. Distinguishing Spirits (Discernment)  being able to say if this is from God or not. Men uses this gift to separate messages.

    8. Gift of Tongues this could be in two ways – Speaking to God and speaking man. When the Lord gives a message to a community through a messenger in a strange language, as he delivers the message, it is speaking in tongues but this needs interpretation. But when we speak to the Lord in a strange language, that’s praying in tongues.

    9. Interpretation of Tongues ability to interpret that which the Lord delivered in a strange language.

    How we can receive the Holy Spirit

    1. Longing (Psalm 42:1) How well do you long for the Spirit? The extent you ‘re ready to go with the Lord determines how well you will end. We need men with a voracious appetite for the things of God. It is possible that you have not tasted enough, the onus is on you to thirst deeper.

    2. Believe (John 7:38) you cannot receive if you don’t believe. They that believe will receive. Those that believe completely, rivers of living water (Holy Spirit) will flow in them. Whatever you are doing when the Spirit of God comes upon you, continue in it. If it is of the Lord, it will grow, if it is not, it will go. It’s a two way thing.

    3. Prayer (Acts 2:11-13)  The Apostles locked themselves at the upper room and soaked themselves in prayer and the power of the Holy Spirit was released upon them fullness. It’s a time to talk less and pray more, reduce other things you do and devote your time fully to the things of the Holy Spirit. It is in the place of prayer that the Spirit of the Lord will hit you with great things.

    4. Humility  in our humility, the Spirit of God will come. Our readiness to step down from our horses and allow him to take preeminence of our lives determines how effective He will perform in you. If God can come down from Heaven and take the nature of man, what can he not do? So you too must be humble.

    5. Make you vessel clean (1Cor. 6:19-20) You must get rid of those things that stand in the way of the Lord in your life. Set your house in order. The Spirit of God does not dwell in a dirty environment. He is a pure Spirit.


    Yearn for the Holy Spirit for without him we can do nothing. Those who will worship him must do that in Spirit and truth.

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