Jesus sends you the Holy Spirit – Day 3

8 years ago Service Team 0
Spread the Good News

Study Verse: Luke 4:14-22

The power to live a sound Christian life comes from the Holy Spirit. Once the spirit of God comes upon a man, there is a transformation that takes place. The person receives power and ability to do things he/she will ordinarily not be able to do. More, importantly will do such in a way that is extraordinary that will cause others to wonder. The power of the Spirit opens to us deep truths concerning God that we ordinarily will not have known. This happened in the life of Christ. Knowing this, we ought to be more active in this week of preparation. Being determined to dispose ourselves to this Spirit, that he may give us power to overcome the challenges that we currently encounter in trying to ascend the next level of our spiritual life.

Give me oh Lord, an insatiable hunger for your Spirit.

Dear Friend, kindly study the Bible verse and the reflection, to get God’s message for today and pray with the prayer intention above.

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