Lift Up Your Heads You Ancient Gates!

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This topic has generated controversies among Christians with Clergies inclusive, with some saying that there is nothing like ancient gates for any baptised Christian. But the truth is that ancient gates exist, and if not lifted, will continue to impart their evil influence. In Psalm 24:7-10, the psalmist said, “lift up your heads o you gates, and be lifted up you ancient doors that the king of glory may come in. Who is the king of glory?…The Lord of Hosts, He is the king of Glory!”

The head is the center of authority. In different families, there are ancestral heads (obi). One thing many people do not know is that these Obi’s were built with human heads (as their foundation) in ancient time. Next is Gate. Gates are very important as they mark the point of entrance and exit. They control the movement of things and people in and out of a place. Ancient Gates exists, though old but still very effective, having influences on peoples’ lives. If you did not make effort to destroy them, you will toil in vain. Our forefathers did many evils things out of ignorance. They instituted many evil ancient gates, because they did not hear the gospel. They brought all kinds of demons in form of deities, to shepherd them and covenanted themselves to them, and their children, in return for some gifts. So when our forefathers died, and the usual sacrifices were no longer made to the evil deity, the evil foundation started fighting the affected families.

A very prayerful brother refused to honor his village elders’ invitation to come and be the chief priest of a certain deity which his dead father worshiped. The elders claimed lot fell on him to be the chief priest. The brother soon began to fall in business to the extent that he couldn’t pay his house rent in the town. He had to move down to village. His wife was afflicted too. All her children were afflicted with one defect or the other – one blind, another crippled, the third deaf and the fourth dumb. But the brother expressed great faith like job! He spent time in prayer and fasting, and went and burnt the deity. The deity refused several attempts to get burnt but this man persevered until it was completely raised down. And surprisingly as he came back, all his children were restored from their defects.

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Father Njoku of the blessed memory wrote a book on healing of the family roots, after discovering and dealing with his own family evil foundation. He said that the evil things done in his family in the past had influence in his life even as a priest. He had to rise and commenced inquiry until he got liberation. So, ancient gates are not something to be doubted or taken from granted. They are real and active!

The minister told a story of his own town: how backward they were with no development coming in. As inquiries commenced, their were revelations, one of which was that a certain young man was killed in past. The young man cursed the town before he died. There were terrible evils done in the town. It took the deliverance prayer led by Reverend Father Ejike Mbaka to liberate the town, after which development started coming.

Ancient gates are not created by God; they are evil created in the past which runs from generation to generation. Many family deliverance have been held with good results to prove the existence of ancient gates. The minister narrated serious cases of deliverance and liberation from ancient gates. It’s appalling that many people went into Christianity without dealing with their past and evil roots, and today they are held bound with little or no progress in life. If you are to be a true Christian you have to deal with these three things:

1. Your self. You must deny yourself of every fleshly desires. It’s not a joke! Stop sin before it stops you.

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2. Your root. You must inquiry about, and destroy every evil in your roots/foundation. You were born not made. Check your root!

3. The world. Your must overcome the world and its system. You must not conform to the standard of the world at all. Read the story of Saint Jerome. We are in the world but not of the world. Your standard must be that of the LORD God!

If you refuse to do this, you and or your generation will not experience desired progress. If you will overcome your foundation, freedom will come. Psalm 11:3 said that if the foundation be destroyed, what can the righteous do!

Dealing with your root is not something to be trivialise. You must take it serious. That it does not concern you is only a matter of time, it will concern you soon. The reason God called you as a Christian and charismatic is to be in the gap, and work for the liberation of your family, and you must not give up in it. A lot of evil things were done in the past.

The simple prayer of casting and binding does not work in the case of evil roots. It has a procedure and principles to follow. Cases abound to prove this. Inquiry/opening up by affected people, serious prayers and fasting, revelation, consent of the family members, visit to the family for prayers, among others are necessary. Evil foundation spirits do not go away as other evil spirits do, it need be dealt with from the foundation.

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The worst is that the kind of life we are living today can become ancient gates for future generations. More evil is happening today! The rate of abortion both outside and within marriages is alarming. All sorts of evil are been done by we Christians in present time and these have their repercussions! You must stop sin with immediate effect and ask for forgiveness! Jesus said ‘I have come that they may have life and have it more abundantly’. In John 8:36, He said that if the son of man sets you free, you are free indeed. It is the time for your liberation and you must rise to it. Amen.

The minister led the congregation on prayers of:
1. Renunciation and denunciation of evil foundations, and setting free from them.
2. Seeking grace to be in the presence of God always and to do his good pleasure.


(Note: This message was based on the talk given on above topic on 30/01/2018 during the 21 Days Programme of Awka Diocesan CCRN)