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Text: Mark 16:17
The first message talks about the topic “where are you?” The relevance of that question can not be overemphasized in our walk with God. Where we are determines the power we manifest. Some of us are children, others are fathers, some others are men. As a child, there is not much we can do, rather we are seeking help and direction. However, as men, you are now at the leadership stage. When you get here you begin to manifest authority. If you must manifest the miraculous, you must answer this question first.

The problem we have today is that most of us are unbelieving believers; men who are looking for someone to pray for them. They are not ready to pay the price to enter into the realm of the miraculous.

As a charismatic, you are meant to manifest the miraculous (Mark 16:15-20). Manifesting the miraculous is beyond being just gifted, it is about paying the price at the place of prayer.

Hinderances to the Manifestation of the Miraculous in our Lives:

At a time of great tribulation and trial in his life, John the Baptist doubted the person of Jesus. He had to ask, “Are you the messiah or should we expect another” (Matthew 11). Although he had been manifesting great power, and even introduced Jesus the world, but when trial came his way, he doubted.

Doubt remains our problem as children of God. Before God can take us to the realm of the miraculous, he must test us. If we pass the test, then He will release power. Unfortunately most of us give in to doubt at the moment of our trials, thus hindering the release of the power of manifestation.


All we need as christians is to live a holy life and pray and God will release power upon our lives. When God give you power, He will present problems for you to solve.