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Text: Exodus 33:14-16

Every child of God needs the presence of God in order to make progress in life. Moses understood this clearly when he clearly insisted that he and the children of Israel would not move from there if the presence of God does not go with them (Exodus 33:15). To this, God assured him that His presence will go with them. God is also assuring us that He will go with us. Having said it, he will definitely go with us because He does not lie (Numbers 23:19).

God’s presence is the manifestation of the power of God in our lives (Rev. 21:3-5; Luke 17:21). It is also the spirit of God (Isaiah 11:2).

Three Dimensions of God’s Presence

1. Omnipresence: This means that God is everywhere (Jer. 23:23).

2. _God’s indwelling presence: This means that the spirit of God resides in us (1 Cor. 3:16-17).

3. The manifest presence of God: This means the awareness that the presence of God is with us.

The presence of God is the power to accomplish our mission on earth. Without the presence of God in us, we cannot fulfil our purpose in life.

The Missions For Which We Need the Presence of God

1. One of our missions on earth is to know God. Without the presence of God we cannot know God effectively. When we know God, there is no limit to what we can achieve in Him because those who know their God will do exploits.


2. Another mission is to love God. It is the presence od God that helps us to sincerely love Him (Mark 12:30-31).

3. To serve God sincerely entails serving Him in spirit and in truth (John 4:53-24). We can not serve God in spirit and truth without His presence in us.

4. To be with God in heaven on the last day.

What the Presence of God Does for Us

1. The presence of God helps us to fulfil our destiny.

2. It helps us to unlock the impossible. It is the presence of God that paves way for us as the childeren of God.

3. Gives us divine security (Psalm 91). It is only in God that we can be assured of divine protection. Our arms and ammunitions cannot save us.


It is only sin that can stand as a barrier between us and the presence of God. We must, therefore, avoid sin. We must die to self and offer our lives as a living sacrifice (Rom 12:1-2).

Most importantly, let us learn to spend time with God in the secret place.