Nurturing Your Spiritual Gifts

6 years ago Evangelical Ministry 1
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You may have encountered challenges while using your spiritual gifts, or may be needing guidance on how to become better with them.

If any of the above scenarios caught your attention, then this article will be helpful to you. First you will discover basic nuggets for spiritual growth. Another, you will learn from mistakes some people have made and avoid making the same.

1. Control Your Feelings:

There are feelings that go with every gift. So, you need to apply the fruit of the Holy Spirit to your life like self-control.

It is said that the most difficult people to correct are the gifted people. They feel they know it all. Often, they act the way they like or the way they feel. You must act maturely. You must use your gifts at the right time and in the right way.

2. Don’t Seek Your Glory:

Every glory belongs to God. So, you must not attract attention to yourself so much that people will start praising and worshipping you. If you receive messages, you can give it to your coordinator or spiritual director to review and announce where necessary, while you keep praying.

3. Don’t Over Expose Your Gifts:

There is away you can expose your gifts it will attract problems to you. You must then be careful in using your gifts.

4. Every Gift Requires Wisdom, Direction and Counsel:

When was the last time an elder of the church laid hands on you? Do you have spiritual director? If you don’t, how do you intend to grow? It was Eli that revealed to Samuel the voice of God. You need Eli in your life. You need to be accountable to somebody.

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5. Make Your Gift Simple:

Learn everything about your gifts, know how you grow. Open up; share your visions and dreams to your spiritual directors or coordinators. Don’t complicate issues. Make it simple.

6. Don’t Act Like an Expert:

You are not an expert except you have some tricks you are using. You have weaknesses. So, minister with knowledge and good reasoning. Don’t command God! Dialogue with God, learn gradually and grow.

7. Work in a Team:

Don’t stay alone. Work with others. Don’t be the only one preaching, or singing, or casting down demons. Two are better than one.

8. Wait for Your Time:

Don’t struggle to be known. When you are cautioned, take it with good heart. Explain yourself, but don’t defend yourself when accusations come. When you are sanctioned, don’t be downcast. Continue to build yourself.

Your spiritual gifts are delicate, you must use them with care. You need good counsellor or spiritual director who you open up to and confide in about your life and your gifts. He or she will be guiding you and assisting you to become better.

We pray you will be better each day while using your spiritual gifts. Amen.