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What Is Personal Development?

Personal Development is the process of improving your skills and the amount of experience you have in your job. Business is the activity that earns a profit.

Keys To Personal Development

1. Goal Setting: An idea of the desired future you want to achieve. We have longterm, medium term and short term goals. Short-term goals are planned daily and weekly, medium are set on monthly or quarterly basis.
2. Take Action Daily:
3. Plan and have commitment to your goals.
4. Follow the 360 degree approach: Develop every aspect of your life

Striking Facts of Personal Development
1. You attract wealth by consistent success.
2. If you have money to invest, you will likely give it to somebody that have achieved success over time.
3. What am i attracting to my self. You attract yourself to the people you have become over time.
4. An investment in knowledge pays the best dividend.
5. How much do you know about your present business? What you learn and know will never be taken from you!
6. You get paid because of the value you bring to the market place, not for the time you spent.
7. To be expert in your field of study, you need to read about that field every day.

Tools to Personal Development
1. Everything you need to be successful is already inside you.
2. Go somewhere quiet and be alone and think.
3. Learn to develop more skill that will pay us over time.
4. Review your environment and see if it puts you up or down.

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You can change environment.

Let’s Talk About Money
1. Successful people don’t go about looking for money. They solve problem to become rich.
2. Money is a consequence not a reward. It is what follows your work.
3. You need to see wealth as your friend not your enemy. When there is no money inspiration is often limited.
4. Get rid of every faulty money beliefs like money is the root of all evil, it is better to be poor, etc.
5. Understand that money begets money.

Things About Business
1. 71% of entrepreneurs get their business idea by replicating or modifying already existing business.
2. The freest things in this life is to ask questions.
3. Sources of competitive advantage: proxity, innovation, low price, etc.
4. How to identify business opportunity: change in customer taste, demographic factors, change in location, etc.

How to Create a Business
1. Check if there is a fast growing market.
2. Is the fixed cost high.
3. What is govt says about it.
4. Does it have 99% penetration.

Tips to Business Opportunity
1. Never reject a business opportunity because you see a flaw in it.
2. Never reject a business because you will not get the credit.
3. Never reject a business opportunity because you think it is illegal.
4. Never reject a business opportunity because of the manpower/money.
5. Never reject a business because it creates a conflict.
6. Never reject a business because it not your way of doing things. Learn new things.