Prepare For The Lord’s Visit.

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When our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ resurrected, He did not hid Himself; but went about revealing Himself to some of His people. From Mary Magdalene to Peter, then to the twelve, to about five hundred people and to Paul. And all of these appearances were very wonderful and unforgettable experiences.

Has his visit ended? No! Our Redeemer is still going about doing well. As we just commemorated His resurrection on Easter Sunday, Our Saviour is still much around. Prepare, for He may visit you soon!

How do I properly prepare for the Lord’s visit?

1). Clean Up Your Life and Your Home:

He is the Kings of kings and Lord of lords. Would you want Him meet you dirty and unkempt? Or your home much disheveled?  To avoid embarrassment, it is proper you cleanse your life of all sin and uncleanness. Keep your house clean; put out every idol and evil materials from your dwelling place.

2). Make Your House A Place Of Prayer:

You must start praying, you and your household because Jesus is a man of prayer. And if there is time to pray, it is now. When you pray, He will come to answer (Luke 18:1)

3). Begin To Study God’s Word:

It was at the breaking of the bread that disciples at Emmaus recognised resurrected Christ (Luke 24:30). Begin to read and study the word of God. Make every member of your family to participate this exercise. Jesus will soon join you and make the gospel message to burn in the hearts of every member of your family.


4). Expect Him At All Times:

The Master can meet with you on your way to work, while you are travelling, or cooking, or washing dishes or even when at market place. Be ready for Him. If you are expectant, when He comes you will know.

5). Do Not Go To Your Old Self:

Do not go back to your former life. Resurrection of Jesus Christ has brought a new life to believers. Live in that newness. Experience its power. Change friends. Explore the new life of Christ. Do not go back to your sin, rather yield to the Lord.

6). Know More About Jesus Christ:

The desire of Saint Paul immediately He was converted, was to know more of Jesus Christ. In Philippians 3:10, He disclosed his utmost desire, ‘That I may know Him and be found in Him…’ Every day of your life, strive to know Jesus more.


Take the comment section and share how you are preparing for the Master’s visit.